This page is a catch-all for presenting groups of pages. A hub to end all hubs. To this end, a collection can be defined by any criterion you want, be it subjective or objective, so long as there is some rhyme or reason to grouping those articles together.


  • Members can add new collections at will, as well as edit collections they created. They may not edit someone else's collection unless they have the creator's permission, or if it is explicitly opened to collaboration.
  • Collections can include mainsite articles, but should contain at least one page that is actually hosted on the SCP Commune.
  • New collections should be added to the end of the page.

Sample collection name

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This is the description of the sample collection. Be as brief or as thorough as you want.

If you want to let other people contribute to this collection, make sure to state it explicitly.

Portraits of You At The Center Of Everything

Created by etoisleetoisle.

The psychological-domestic-horror-bliss mythos surrounding Draven Kondraki and James Talloran, presented in approximated chronological order.

Operation HEALTH

Created by Communism will winCommunism will win.

All articles pertaining to Operation HEALTH, aka SCP-3404-C, an erratic hivemind bent on eradicating all disease and suffering. If you write or find an article that references Operation HEALTH, feel free to add it to this list.



Ruminations on the containment of memories, dreams, and sensory experiences, in a world composed entirely of these things — what does memetic containment mean in a post-physical landscape?

Presented in chronological order, with the exception of Where Would You Like To Go? and I Thought This Would Be Easier, which both take place in the 1980s.

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