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Communism will winCommunism will win: Also known as CWW, Scantron, or Akumeoy. 25 years old, they/them, creator of this site. I enjoy writing brief articles that raise a lot of questions. I'm also a co-creator of the "Gamers Against Weed" Group of Interest.

For a list of works posted by CWW, click here.

etoisleetoisle: do my gay little computers make you mad? do they make you want to hurt me? (ze/hir they/them 20yo internet human. my name is etoile or pona)

For a list of works posted by Etoile, click here.

pastarasta1pastarasta1: I'm an artist who likes horror, cartoons, and weird fiction. I joined here cause the wiki has recently been getting kinda unhealthy and way too stressful for me as of late and I need a place where I can unwind. I'm mostly interested in posting my art here.

For a list of works posted by pastarasta1, click here.

WestrinWestrin: I've often been described as an old fart and a grandpa by many, much to my dismay. I heavily enjoy SCPs with very unconventional anomalies. Concepts, numbers, dates, anything you can't physically hold. I plan on using this website to post articles I'm genuinely proud of but don't think belong on the mainsite for one reason or another.

For a list of works posted by Westrin, click here.

r0ser0se: i'm rose! (she/her) i am bad at actually finishing my writings, and i'm here to join in on a nicer and smaller scp community!

For a list of works posted by r0se, click here.

HyliusHylius: Suppose I should probably add myself to this. Hi, I'm Hylius, AKA Diana (she/her), and I found my niche here. I like to work on my own little canon set in the 1980's, because I'm a massive nerd. I think I like talking about my work more than I like actually doing it, so feel free to shoot me a PM here or on Discord if you wanna talk about it. ╰(◕‿◕✿) bye!

For a list of works posted by Hylius, click here.

CiciLupineCiciLupine: hi i'm julia, my pronouns are she/her and some others, and a majority of the stuff i write will be about my self-insert GAW OC and/or the AU i made to put her in.

For a list of works posted by CiciLupine, click here.

ArclightningArclightning: Hello! I am an amateur writer obsessed with mystery and the uncertain. She/her.

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Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD - I'm Nathan aka LOGICIAN. I'm typically referred to using he/him, but I probably wouldn't care all that much if you used something else. I really like writing dense, weird, thinky articles that stretch a concept to its absolute limits. I'm trying to get into more scp-adjacent communities, especially ones that are more forgiving and fairly and transparently run than The Big One. Very approachable (I think), so don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

For a list of works posted by Placeholder McD, click here.

YellowISlolYellowISlol - Is a color (he/them, occasional writer, hi!)

For a list of works posted by Yellow, click here.

barredowlbarredowl - she/her or xe/xyr; artist, bird enthusiast, lesbian. Likes to read, watch, and draw esoteric/intricate pieces, usually horror.

For a list of works posted by barredowl, click here.

VoidLadyVoidLady: Electronic musician and aspiring writer. Xe/xer. Fan of cheesy 70s/80s music and surrealism. No pages on the site just yet.

Draven AddamsDraven Addams - Yo, I'm Draven, I love vampire lore, horror, urban fantasy and SCP, I joined here because this just looked cool and a bit more welcoming than official SCP branches. They/them, thon/thons or vey/vem :) I will add my own tag page once I actually write something.

Abe VenrickAbe Venrick - loaf of bread that writes sometimes. (he/him)

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