The basic principles are:

  1. Members retain full creative control of their works.
  2. All members are equal partners in the operation of the site.
  3. All policies and major decisions (including membership and deletions) will be established via consensus of site members.

With regards to decision-making:

  1. Before enactment, all major proposals should be public for several days to give interested members time to comment.
  2. Specifically, applications to the site should be handled in 1.5-3 days, while other decisions should be given about a week.
  3. If there is a disagreement about how to address any given proposal, or if clarification is deemed necessary, the discussion should be extended to accommodate the issue.

With regards to administration:

  1. Any member who posts two original works to the site is eligible to be promoted to the rank of 'administrator'.
  2. Administrators are responsible for handling applications in a timely fashion and making improvements to the site when they see fit. If the site agrees to a proposal that requires admin permissions to implement, administrators will be responsible for doing so.
  3. Promotion to administration is contingent on that member accepting the nomination and a lack of serious objection from the rest of the membership.
  4. Administrators do not receive any special privilege with regards to consensus decision-making. They should be held to the same standards as other site members.

With regards to deletions:

  1. A page will be considered for deletion if its reception, as determined by its comments section, is mostly negative. Users will be given time to discuss this matter.
  2. If someone other than the author(s) states that they want the page to remain on the site, it will not be eligible for deletion.
  3. If no-one advocates for the page, it should be moved to the "deleted" category, re-tagged with "personal", and removed from the main page. Other ingoing links may be edited or removed as appropriate.
  4. A page's author(s) may undo the deletion process, or simply repost the page entirely, if they've made substantial changes since deletion.
  5. In unusual circumstances, content may be removed with a standard consensus agreement, rather than undergoing this process. Additionally, content that is clearly illegal or obviously in violation of Wikidot's terms of service may be removed in order to ensure the site's preservation. Any non-standard content removal should be thoroughly documented and reviewed after the fact.
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