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Item#: C048
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Special containment procedures: All known instances of SCP-C048 are held inside of a secure anomaly container at Site-40. With the exception of authorized testing, no personnel are to use SCP-C048 for any reason. Should consumption of SCP-C048 occur, personnel are to avoid those which are under SCP-C048's influence for as long as their predicament lasts, and they should not, under any circumstances, attempt to stop them. When possible, on-site MTF agents are to subdue the subjects using the neutralization protocols described in this document.

Description: SCP-C048 is the designation given to twelve (12) bottles of hot sauce, branded as "super light-up place of hot sauce by dado" [sic]. The bottles are made of transparent glass, each topped with a green nozzle, and all bottles contain approximately 500ml of salsa. The branded name is crudely drawn at the sides of each bottle in yellow permanent marker, with each iteration of the phrase containing a different misspelling.

SCP-C048's anomalous effects manifest upon ingesting the sauce held inside the bottles. Upon consumption, the first symptom that is reported is an overwhelmingly pained reaction to the spiciness of the sauce1 This effect does not subside, and will instead worsen as victims begin to undergo a set of uncanny effects, with an average onset of three (3) minutes. Sweating and abnormally high body temperatures are the next symptoms which are observed, followed shortly by a mild fever and shaking.

These effects continue to exacerbate, until at some point, they all stop. Subjects will report themselves as feeling more energetic than ever, and will take on a demeanour reminiscent to that of people under the effect of large quantities of alcohol. Body temperature rises to temperatures of up to 570K, which surprisingly does not damage inorganic objects that come into contact with the victim, despite the fact that it easily sears organic material that makes contact with it. These effects persist for a long period of time, before the subjects stiffen, at which point the final stages of SCP-C048 exposure commence. The head (from the temple to the small of one's back) of the affected subjects will become luminous, shining with a bright, white light of intensity 53,000 lumens. Body temperatures rise up to 1120K, still exhibiting the same properties of the previous temperature, and the changes to the subjects' personalities intensifies, with the affected becoming increasingly reckless and impulsive in their actions, as well as disoriented and clumsy. Subjects do not report feeling any different, despite the changes made to their body.

The effects of SCP-C048 subside after the affected subject collapses due to exhaustion, or one of the several neutralization methods is placed into effect. The former can take anywhere between a few minutes and several days, and the external factors leading to a quicker loss of consciousness are thus far unknown. Alternatively, drastically reducing the body heat of subjects will also result in the subduing of the subjects. This can be most conventionally achieved by using water, although other liquids, cool solids, and cryonation techniques have also proven effective.2 Currently, the recommended neutralization protocol for breaches is dousing the affected individual with a large quantity of cold water, or submerging them entirely in liquid if possible.

Upon the ceasing of all of SCP-C048's effects, the affected subject will fall into an elongated state of unconsciousness. On average, this state lasts an entire week, but has been observed to last up to three (3) weeks in some cases. Of note is the fact that, despite not receiving any form of nutrition, subjects who experience this period of unconsciousness are completely satiated throughout the entire time they spend in said state. The reason for this is as of yet unknown.

Research done on subjects during the beginning phases has revealed some interesting results. Analysis of hormonal levels during different stages has shown that quantities of adrenaline are heightened as SCP-C048's prognosis advances to the later stages, and more concerningly, blood begins to turn into a mixture of blood plasma, molten metals, and capsaicin as the subject gets closer to the end stages of the affliction. The state of the blood is reversed as soon as the unconsciousness stage is entered — including blood that has been extracted from the body. It is still unknown how or why this happens.

As one can easily infer from the object's branding, SCP-C048 is related to the person of interest known as "dado". Interactions intercepted from the object's discovery are currently being used to further investigations relating to dado and their products.

Discovery: SCP-C048 was discovered when reports of a party gone wild flooded the local council of the town of ███ ██████ in Malta. Claims of a "light bulb man" attracted foundation personnel to the scene, who promptly closed off the residence in which the incident took place in. Once all attendees had ceased beung effected by SCP-C048, foundation operatives led an investigation into the origin of SCP-C048, which led to them discovering the rest of the contents positioned in a box in the back of attendee █████ ████'s car. All affected residents, as well as those that witnessed the event, were amnesticized, and a cover up which claimed that the incident was the result of a form of experimental drugs was propagated to local news outlets.

Below is listed the interaction that led to the creation of SCP-C048, found on a cellular device owned by █████ ████, the owner of the SCP-C048 bottles, which was communicated a few hours before SCP-C048's discovery. The conversation took place via Facebook's messenger service, and the recipient's (who is presumably Dado themself) profile picture was set simply to a blurry picture of a hamster. Attempts to track down the location of Dado from the messenger profile have all resulted in failure, with all points of origin being traced to the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

The following is the aforementioned conversation in which █████ ████ originally requested the creation of SCP-048. The name of the orderer of the product has been omitted for privacy reasons.

█████ ████: Yoyo, is this the famous Mrs.Dado I've been directed to?

█████ ████: Heard you could help me with a mixture related thing, friend told me you're quick with your work.

sado: yes hello this is dado, not mrs thogh have been recently divorsced so is ms

dado: what u need, you're tell dado and dado see what I can do about it

dado: escuse me if late replies but currently playing solitaire with hamster and losing

█████ ████: Lmfao, stealing that excuse in the future.

dado: is not a joke, hamster is very serious business

█████ ████: Uh, sure, yeah.

█████ ████: Anyways, I need you to make me some hot sauce.

█████ ████: I'd been making some with this ghost pepper plant I was growing a while back, but found out just now that the plant's fucked.

█████ ████: Have a party tonight and I need to make everyone there go wild, you get me? Gotta light the place up with spice, cause that's what I was promising everyone there. You came to mind as someone who could help, so I asked Dan (if you remember him) to send me your info.

dado: you want dado make you a hot sauce?

dado: i must admit, i am flattered u trust dado with hot sauce, but have never been come to by someone and say "hmm dado, can you make me a hot sauce", especially a special one like you'res

dado: regardless, dado will help you best as she can

█████ ████: Shit man, thanks.

█████ ████: Don't forget to crank up the heat, ya get me?

█████ ████: Oh, and by the off chance that the offer is still up from the last time you spoke to my friend, could you get these to me in like, 3 hours?

█████ ████: Again, thanks so much for doing this for me btw.

dado: yes no wories, dado has state of the art, revolutions of mankind amazon prime to save your time

dado: u check door now soon

dado: oh, and of big importanct, don't open sauce now, do at the party and share with friends

█████ ████: Aw what? Can't I just taste some when it gets here?

dado: no

dado: u trust dado with your special sauuces and dado gives u good advisce make experience nice and good

dado: now have to go, have solitaire 2 continue with hampster

dado: always remember to follow ur dreams

█████ ████: Uh, thanks.

█████ ████: Also, the sauces have already arrived wtf.

█████ ████: Dan wasn't lying when he said you were quick.

█████ ████: Yeah though, thanks for the time dude! Really appreciate this!.

█████ ████: Wait, how do I pay you? Do we discuss the details later?

█████ ████: Hello?

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