SCP-C073. Photo was taken at the ████████ County Jail.

Item #: SCP-C073

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Absolute containment of SCP-C073 at this time is unfeasible. Current protocol is the amnestication of witnesses to SCP-C073 and the prevention of information regarding the anomaly spreading to non-authorized individuals.

All prisoners released by SCP-C073 are to remain freed.

Description: SCP-C073 is a human male, apparently in its late 60s. SCP-C073's most notable characteristic is its multi-colored facial hair. SCP-C073 states that its name is "Steve", refusing to provide a surname or other concrete identifying information. SCP-C073 is capable of instantly teleporting itself within the confines of any building that is widely considered a "prison." Once inside, SCP-C073 is unhindered by physical barriers, allowing uninhibited access to all sections of a prison. SCP-C073 can grant this ability to any physical object it touches, allowing it to carry any item it wishes through solid objects.

SCP-C073 can deactivate this property at will, but it states that it requires a significant amount of concentration to do. SCP-C073 also possesses a superhuman amount of strength, which it frequently uses to punch giant holes leading to outside of the prison, in hopes that prisoners will escape. SCP-C073 prefers to free prisoners that were jailed for crimes that it deems "harmless", which includes non-dangerous traffic violations, drug use, homosexuality, trespassing (usually on property owned by a person with significantly high amounts of wealth), and assault (almost always if the assaulted proved dangerous to the prisoner). SCP-C073 confirms what prisoner committed which crime by accessing any prison-owned computer within the building. All attempts at preventing SCP-C073 from accessing these computers ends in failure, as bullets phase straight through SCP-C073.

Once a prisoner aided by SCP-C073 escapes a prison, a 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck will manifest outside of the prison, usually within a location that the prisoner can easily access it. These pickup trucks possess antimemetic shielding which prevents all law enforcement from perceiving its existence.

Once SCP-C073 is satisfied with the amount of prisoners it has freed, it will teleport itself to a new prison, starting the process all over again.

Addendum: Multiple attempts at an interview with SCP-C073 were attempted, most of them ending in failure. The first attempt involved Agent Hank disguising himself as a law enforcement officer as SCP-C073 was raiding the ██████ Detention Center, but was promptly ignored by the entity. A second attempt was attempted, posing as a lawyer, once again being ignored. After several similar attempts, Agent Hank posed as a cafeteria worker, in which SCP-C073 appeared to finally notice Agent Hank.

<Begin Log>

SCP-C073 is wandering the halls of of Block C, holding a piece of paper in its left hand, its right hand in its pocket. SCP-C073 stops at each of the cells, looks at the paper, and either destroys the cell bars or continues walking down the hall. Agent Hank, dressed in a white undershirt and an apron, approaches SCP-C073.

Hank: 'Scuse me sir, but I just wanted to speak with you for a moment.

SCP-C073 looks at Agent Hank.

SCP-C073: Oh, wait, you're the… the guy that tried to ask me some questions couple days ago, yeah?

Hank: …well, I mean…

SCP-C073: Heh, if you wanted a talk, you could've just said so. Thought you were a cop. Sorry 'bout ignoring you. What's up?

Hank: Well, I just have a couple of questions for you, if that's okay.

SCP-C073: I got all day.

Hank: Great! So, uh, first question. Why is it that you constantly free prisoners?

SCP-C073: Well, cuz I think they don't deserve it, for one. For two… this might be a bit long, you mind if we move somewhere else?

Hank: Uh, sure?

SCP-C073 grabs Agent Hank and walks into a nearby wall, phasing into it. Agent Hank appears to gain SCP-C073's phasing abilities and phases into the wall with it. They both find themselves in a cramped, dusty space inbetween the prison walls.

Hank: Neat.

SCP-C073: Cool, huh? Anyway, I release these guys cuz I personally know how it feels to be in their shoes, y'know?

Hank: What do ya mean?

SCP-C073: Well, here comes a story so be ready. Long time ago I'm with my husband, yeah? We're livin' in like this apartment complex that was right next to this gas station, right? We'd get most of our food from there, gas station hot dogs, gas station pop, you know, the jist. Anyway, husband comes home one day with a clear baggy filled with weed. Tells me shit was really good and that the dealer was very trustworthy so we weren't letting it go to waste. We stayed inside and watched Growing Pains while getting a really good high.

Hank: Uh huh.

SCP-C073: Landlord comes up, obviously having smelt weed comin' from our apartment, storms inside and fuckin' lectures us about drugs being bad or whatever. Got evicted, and was super close to getting the cops called on us too. Got away, though, and spent the rest of our days homeless. Didn't have any healthcare, either, which really fuckin' sucked cuz my husband got really sick like a couple months after getting evicted. So yeah, shit's wack all around.

Hank: Do you still know if your husband is alive?

SCP-C073: Maybe? But probably not, sadly. Left him cuz it wasn't really working out the best for us like 20 years ago. I do hope he's doing okay, I should give him a call, see if he's still alive and kicking.

Hank: Right. And do you have any children?

SCP-C073: Couple. Three sons, no daughters. Haven't seen them in a long ass while, though. Well, that's not true, I see… I see one of them like once a month to see how he's doing.

Hank: And where is he?

SCP-C073: In jail.

Hank: Ah. Any reason you won't… break him out, too?

SCP-C073: Dude murdered a guy.

Hank: Right. Last question. Is one of your children named "Seth" by any chance?

SCP-C073's eyes widen.

SCP-C073: Sure is. You know him?

Hank: Yep. But, if that's the case… he mentioned that he had a mother… yet his parents are… you know.


SCP-C073: Fuck, I never told him, did I?

<End Log>

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