Note: For the purposes of this document, a "haunted doll" is defined as an artificial model of a human that is host to, or animated by, at least one incorporeal entity.

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Item #: SCP-C111

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Digital Task Force J6 ("Ghost in the Machine") is to provide expert technical support to SCP-C111's administration to minimize loading times and downtime. To this end, the Foundation may also supplement SCP-C111's fundraising efforts if necessary.

SCP-C111's content should be combed regularly to identify genuine anomalous objects; priority should be given to those that pose major risks to secrecy or human life. If the object's entry on SCP-C111 is insufficient to locate and contain it, the entry's editor(s) may be contacted and asked for further information. High-ranking members of SCP-C111 are exempted from this requirement.

References, search engine results, and links to SCP-C111 are removed by Web Crawler "TEATIME". Websites operated and aimed towards haunted dolls are excepted from this requirement. In the event that SCP-C111 attracts civilian attention, it should be dismissed as a roleplaying website.

Description: SCP-C111 is a website titled "The Dollhouse", located at dollhouse.████████████.net. SCP-C111 is a wiki dedicated to documenting haunted dolls; the average article will feature photographs of the doll, as well as the doll's physical description, its history, how it is known to be haunted, and other information. Supplementary articles focus on categorizing haunted dolls, describing common phenomena related to haunted dolls, and other related topics. As of 25 April 2020, there were 8,075,648 articles on SCP-C111.1

SCP-C111 has about 100,000 active users, almost all of whom are themselves haunted dolls. The average user of SCP-C111 spends upwards of fifteen hours per day contributing to SCP-C111 and engaging in discussion on its talk pages. SCP-C111's talk pages serve as a virtual gathering space for haunted dolls, where a wide range of on- and off-topic discussion takes place.

The majority of SCP-C111's users have hostile or antisocial personalities; many are unable to converse normally, or simply choose not to. Much of the content on SCP-C111 is composed of riddles, nursery rhymes, threats, and other cryptic or illegible content; however, the users are almost always able to understand this content. They are, notably, highly loyal to SCP-C111-MOD (see below) for reasons that are unclear.

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Based on a representative sample of haunted dolls found through SCP-C111, about 13% are verifiably anomalous. A further 46% have shown anomalous activity in the past, but did not act unusually under laboratory conditions. The remainder display no anomalous properties and may or may not, in fact, be haunted.

SCP-C111 runs on the MediaWiki software, as well as several common extensions thereof. While the website itself is not anomalous, individuals who attract negative attention from its userbase are often subject to one or more curses.

Addendum: Notes on containment

SCP-C111's capacity for occupying the time and energy of thus-far uncontained anomalous entities has been noted. For example, during a one-hour outage on May 20th, 2014, eighty-seven anomalous events occurred worldwide that were attributed to the actions of haunted dolls; further investigation determined that the majority were users of SCP-C111 who would have otherwise been occupied by the site. For this reason, as well as its use as an information source, SCP-C111 has been allowed to remain operational.

Attempts to bring SCP-C111 fully under Foundation control have been unsuccessful. A voluntary takeover was dismissed by SCP-C111's administrative staff without discussion; an involuntary takeover resulted in failure, as well as the transformation of several personnel into (non-haunted) dolls. As such, containment of SCP-C111 relies on establishing a working relationship with its staff.

Addendum: SCP-C111-MOD

SCP-C111's head administrator and creator, who self-identifies as "VioletFright", is designated SCP-C111-MOD. No useful information pertaining to SCP-C111-MOD has been found, though it claims to be an adult human female. SCP-C111-MOD is capable of holding useful conversations with haunted dolls, including those that are otherwise too irascible or linguistically abnormal to approach. It is unknown whether this constitutes an anomalous property.

SCP-C111-MOD is in regular contact with DTF-J6, as well as SCP-C111's research team, and has been somewhat cooperative. What follows is an interview conducted with SCP-C111-MOD on 13 May 2020 by Dr. Prasad.

<Begin Log>

Dr_Prasad_SCP: Hello, Violet. Doing well?

VioletFright: could be worse.2 what's up?

Dr_Prasad_SCP: We're preparing our internal documents on The Dollhouse, and since you obviously have a unique and unparalleled perspective on the site, you seemed like a natural person to ask for comment.

Dr_Prasad_SCP: Just any insight or wisdom you might have that would help the rest of us humans "get" this whole situation, as much as we can.

VioletFright: it's a wikipedia for haunted dolls

Dr_Prasad_SCP: Well, maybe I should ask you some questions, then. Why did you create The Dollhouse?

VioletFright: i don't really remember. i was probably on ambien since this is the kind of dumb thing i do on ambien

Dr_Prasad_SCP: Ha, that makes sense, I suppose. Do you know how the site got so popular with actual haunted dolls?

VioletFright: nope

Dr_Prasad_SCP: I see. We've noticed that you can communicate with haunted dolls a lot more easily than other humans can. Is that a skill you've developed, or does it come naturally to you?

VioletFright: dude i'm just winging it. i'm seriously surprised it's worked this long

Dr_Prasad_SCP: Right. The userbase has a lot of good will towards you, and pretty much none towards anything else. Any guess why?

VioletFright: i have no idea why those little freaks love me

Dr_Prasad_SCP: I think we're done here. Thanks for your help.

VioletFright: i don't even fucking like dolls

<End Log>

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