Reference image of SCP-C156.

Item #: SCP-C156

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel involved in the study of SCP-C156 must ensure that no visual representation of SCP-C156 is present on the same device or document as its unredacted catchphrase.

Mobile Task Force Nu-1, "The Fourth Wall", is tasked with locating, isolating, and destroying renditions of SCP-C156 outside of containment. This can be accomplished by moving any devices and documents that contain SCP-C156 at least 5m away from unaffected materials, then burning the affected objects. Agents must ensure that SCP-C156 is not present on their person in any form while performing any activity that requires their full attention.

Four renditions of SCP-C156 are held at Narrative Site-Gamma (see below).

Description: SCP-C156 is a fictional character named "Jef th Kiler" (sic), originally created as a parody of the popular creepypasta1 character "Jeff the Killer". It is visually represented by a crude digital drawing of a pale human face on a dark background (attached).

SCP-C156's anomalous properties become active when its reference image, or any derivative thereof, is paired with any text which contains SCP-C156's catchphrase, "[REDACTED]". When this occurs, SCP-C156 will become autonomous and travel through nearby narrative documents, altering them to describe its passage. This will not occur while SCP-C156 is being watched, though it is capable of movement during any lapse of attention (such as blinking).

Normally, SCP-C156 will not directly interact with other characters; however, it will attack and kill characters associated with the creepypasta genre, typically with a pair of nondescript assault rifles.2 It displays particular animosity towards Jeff the Killer, who it will torture to death in graphic detail for 9,000-15,000 words.

SCP-C156 is capable of inducing involuntary sleep episodes in humans, lasting from 1 to 10 minutes. This behavior has only observed in cases where an active rendition of SCP-C156 is present on the victim's person and the victim is a member of the Foundation. If possible, SCP-C156 will do this at times when it is likely to cause the victim injury or death (such as while driving). Survivors report seeing SCP-C156's reference image appearing in front of them, hearing SCP-C156's catchphrase spoken aloud, hearing a loud crunching sound, and then falling asleep.

Reference image of SCP-C156.

Addendum: Interview with SCP-C156, 2019-11-29

Interviewer: LOCKE, a Foundation-made fictional construct that is immune to most forms of narrative interference.

Interviewee: An individual rendition of SCP-C156.

Foreword: Prior to this interview, the interviewee had spent three subjective days in Narrative Site-Gamma, a ~458,000 page document that currently contains 87 fictitious anomalies.

<Begin Log>

LOCKE: Hello, Jef. Do not be afraid.

SCP-C156: Die, bitch…

Jef pulls two huge guns out of nowhere and blasts the shit out of LOCKE with 1,000 (a thousand) bullets faster than one blink of the eye.

This is ineffective.

LOCKE: Would you care to answer a few questions?

SCP-C156: Questions…? I just wanna kill, for God's sake…

Jef jumps up and does a flip over the table and uses a judo jujitsu karate kick on LOCKE's head and then he stops time and pulls out a bunch of knives and throws them at LOCKE like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Part 3: Stardust Crusaders and then unstops time and they all hit LOCKE in the face and it bleeds all of its blood out.

This is ineffective.

LOCKE: Who is your creator?

SCP-C156: I am the bastard child of Jeff the Killer and SCP-███… ha ha ha, you probably don't believe me… [REDACTED]…

Jef forces LOCKE to [REDACTED] and then while it's asleep he cuts all of its fingers off one by one and then makes LOCKE eat them and also does the same with LOCKE'S toes and wings and also its teeth and then Jef cuts out its stomach and makes it eat the stomach and he summons his Stand which is called 「Thriler」 and it gives him control over every creepypasta he's ever killed and suddenly Smile Dog and the Rake and Dead Bart and Ticci Toby and Herobrine and Slenderman and Ted the Caver and Suicide Squidward and Sonic.EXE show up and they all kil LOCKE permanently with all their weapons and curses and send it to Hell and it never comes back. This is extremely effective.

This is ineffective.

LOCKE: Hopefully you now understand that you are incapable of harming me. If you cooperate, we can arrange for better accommodations.

SCP-C156: I want a lawyer.

<End Log>

Afterword: SCP-C156 did not respond to further questions.

Rendition of SCP-C156, captured 2020-03-11.

Note: When stymied, it resorts to referencing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which doesn't serve any obvious purpose from an authorial standpoint. Perhaps in the process of instilling SCP-C156 with 'life', the author accidentally imbued it with their own interests. If that's the case, then some of my contacts from other assignments could be helpful here. I'll reach out to them and see if they have an idea who might have done this.

Unfortunately, I can't account for its knowledge of SCP-███ at all.- Dr. Prasad, SCP-C156 research lead.

Addendum: Statement from SCP-C156's creator, provided on 2019-12-24. The individual in question was contacted through several proxies and thus could not be identified or brought in for further questioning. Attempts to locate this individual are ongoing.

When I first came up with Jef, he was just a shitty MS Paint drawing of Jeff the Killer. Everybody loved him. I decided to make his catchphrase "[REDACTED]" as like a literal take on Jeff's "Go to sleep." Didn't bother making him come to life, because that would be obnoxious.

Jef was basically my personal mascot for a while, if that makes sense? Jadzia was into Jeff the Killer unironically back then, so we had this thing where we would send each other new Jefs every day. I must have spent a dozen hours making edits of him.

I'm only sharing this next bit because you said Jef has been killing people in real life, so if you lied about that to get me to talk, fuck you.

Back in May of 2016, Jadzia broke up with me via text. I didn't see it coming at all — she'd been feeling down, sure, but we were only barely out of the honeymoon phase, and I thought I was doing a good job. The last thing I had sent her before I got the breakup message was a picture of Jef with Jotaro's hat, and she didn't respond to any of the dozen messages I sent her afterwards. In retrospect I get why she would want to break things off, but at the time I was pretty mad. Apparently, this is about when Jef came to life, but I was too upset to notice.

It's pretty weird to see my emotional pain embodied by Jef kiling swaths of Jadzia's favorite characters — especially now that I'm mostly over it — but it makes sense. Horror is an outlet for our worst thoughts, and this is no different. Better him than me, certainly.

As for your other question, I don't know how he's doing anything to people's heads — he really shouldn't be able to enter a story that isn't creepypasta, much less affect the real world.

Hope this helps.

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