Item #: SCP-C222

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: By order of the Ethics Committee, under no circumstances shall SCP-C222 be initiated on any Plushie, as it has been deemed a needless, inhumane procedure.

Description: SCP-C222 is a procedure in which the Stuffed Toy Label (colloquially "tag") is removed from a Plushie. SCP-C222 is proven to cause the Plushie, which is otherwise an inanimate object, small amounts of pain. The amount of pain being caused is unknown, but it is theorized by the Ethics Committee board that it is comparable to "ripping off a hangnail." Nearly all subjects that witness SCP-C222 be performed have a subconscious understanding that the procedure causes pain to the Plushie, despite any cognitive dissonance that may arrive. Whether or not this pain actually has a substantial impact is still being debated, as it could be said that since Plushies have no cognitive ability, this "pain," while technically existing, does not affect the Plushie in any meaningful way.


It's not everyday that you learn that you've unknowingly caused the suffering of an immense amount of innocent souls. The purpose of this letter isn't to shame you or blame you for any actions that you may have taken. I of all people should know that nobody did this maliciously.

But sometimes the truth is bitter. The truth is, a significant majority of us have caused unnecessary pain in beings that don't even know why we're hurting them. We didn't see them as living creatures but as toys. And whether or not their ability to feel pain deems them as worthy of respect as a human is a conversation I plan on having another day, but today, I wish to say something different.

To all of those plush toys that I've abused over the years: The Foundation is truly sorry. We made it our number one goal to eradicate human suffering, whether it be by maintaining the veil, or by eradication of any threat that targets humanity. I hope you can realize that we meant no harm, we didn't know you could feel pain. And for that, I am sorry, above all else.

Make sure to cuddle your plush toy today, won't you? It's so confused as to why you've done the things you've done.



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>DrHenryJackalson, 6 June 2021, 17:02

"Wow. This… this is something. I'm glad we've discovered this, I don't like seeing the Plushies get hurt!"

>JunResKim, 6 June 2021, 17:17

"D'awww, poor things! It makes me sick to the core at myself that I've been hurting these poor innocent babies. I shall make it a mission to apologize to all my stuffed animals at once!"

>DrTellikFreelason (THIS USER HAS BEEN SUSPENDED), 6 June 2021, 18:33

"Yeah okay dude"

>SupahDoctahJimmy, 7 June 2021, 1:11

"What an interesting phenomenon! I feel terrible for those plush dolls I hurt when I was younger. Almost makes me feel like a monster…"

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