Item #: SCP-C24-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C24-J is currently uncontained (see below).

Description: SCP-C24-J is an 40cm x 40cm x 40cm cubic sculpture set on top of a 1.3m long pedestal. Observers will experience intense discomfort in its presence and be disinclined to approach it.

Addendum: Expedition Log C24-J-2

Following SCP-C24's discovery, a detachment from MTF Chi-27, "Push The Cube Into My Chest"1 consisting of Chi-27-Alpha, Beta, and Gamma was deployed to its location. The operation was ultimately unsuccessful.

<Begin Log>

Chi-27-Beta: Alright team, let's roll out.

MTF Chi-27 approaches SCP-C24-J, guns at the ready. At a distance of twelve meters, Chi-27-Beta signals for the team to stop. They do so.

Command: Chi-27-Beta, what's your reason for pausing?

Chi-27-Beta: I'm not gay.

Command: What?

Chi-27-Gamma: From where I'm standing, command, approaching that cube would be kind of gay.

Chi-27-Alpha: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Chi-27-Gamma: Right, yeah. But we're not gay, so.

Command: So what?

Chi-27-Beta: I just wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.

Command: What the fuck are any of you talking about?

Chi-27-Gamma: Like, going up to that cube, guns drawn and ready to shoot… that's kinda sus, right?

Chi-27-Beta: Yeah, absolutely. The gun might as well be a dick.

Chi-27-Alpha: That's pretty gay.

Command: I'll admit, that's — wait, no. Just secure the cube and get out.

Chi-27-Gamma: Three dudes working together to get a cube…

Chi-27-Alpha: Look, I'm not homophobic, okay?

Command: No-one said you were, Alpha.

Chi-27-Alpha: But I'm still not gonna do gay stuff.

Chi-27-Beta: Nintendo Gaycube.

Command: [sighs] Will you at least get a material sample?

Chi-27-Gamma: Absolutely not. That's beyond gay.

Chi-27-Alpha: It's probably made of cum.

Chi-27-Beta: I'm straight, okay? I'm not gonna touch the cube.

Command: It is not gay to touch a cube.

Chi-27-Beta: It's pretty sus.

Command: At a bare minimum, you need to inspect it. It's your goddamn job.

Chi-27-Alpha: I dunno, dude.

Chi-27-Gamma: Now that I think about it, containing stuff is pretty gay.

Chi-27-Alpha: Yeah, even being this close to it is kind of gay if you ask me.

Chi-27-Beta: Which is fine, but like…

Command: We get it, you're straight.

Chi-27-Alpha: Look, dude, if you're so hellbent on bringing this cube in, come get it yourself.

Command: Hell no, that would be fucking gay.

[Brief silence.]

Command: Okay, okay, abort the mission and regroup at the base. We'll think of something else.

Chi-27-Gamma: Thank God.

MTF Chi-27 retreats.

<End log>

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