Item #: SCP-C240

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C240 is kept in a manilla folder placed in a locked filing cabinet in Site-204's overflow storage. It is affixed to the cabinet's floor with glue. Care must be taken to ensure that SCP-C240's filing cabinet is not disturbed or inspected.

Description: SCP-C240 is a piece of paper with printed text describing special containment procedures for a non-existent Keter-class item. The bottom of the page is torn off, obscuring one or more lines of text. The composition of the ink and paper suggest that SCP-C240 was produced sometime in the 1970s.

The fictional anomalous item in question is designated "SCP-139 - A Skull". SCP-C240 does not describe this anomaly (which has no relation to the actual SCP-139), though several properties can be inferred. Namely, it is an infohazardous object that is highly sensitive to the emotions, physical positions, and daily routines of personnel involved in its containment. The containment procedures described by SCP-C240 do not adhere to Foundation ethical standards, either present or historical.

Documentation produced by Supervisor Brandon Biggs on 2007-06-05 has been transcribed below. It was recovered from Site-163.

11:03 - Read a news report about old filing cabinets turning up at yard sales with government documents still inside. Walsh wasn't busy, so I sent him to comb through storage and make sure we aren't making the same mistake.


14:41 - Walsh came back, says he found a few receipts in the storage room, but nothing that would raise suspicion. Shredded the receipts.


16:16 - Walsh mentioned a folder stuck to the bottom of a filing cabinet. He assumed it was empty, but is having second thoughts. Gave him a letter opener and told him to pry it out.

16:40 - Walsh is taking a while.

16:52 - There was something in the folder after all. ConProcs for SCP-139. Our department doesn't handle skip documentation, so I have no idea how those got here. I'll check it out in the morning.

Supervisor Biggs did not return home that evening, prompting an investigation beginning at 20:43 local time. All loose items in Biggs's office, including furniture, were found pushed into one corner of the room. Biggs's corpse was standing in the opposite corner, facing the wall and standing in a metal bucket; an autopsy showed that his stomach contained 1.3kg of printer paper and 0.5kg of salt. The cause of death was hypernatremia.

All items in Biggs's office were subsequently transported to Site-62 for examination. However, SCP-C240 was not listed in Site-62's intake log, suggesting that it was either misplaced or overlooked. The documentation describing SCP-C240's discovery was noted and SCP-C240 was marked as an item of interest in absentia.

SCP-C240 was next located on 2018-11-26 at Outpost Z-51, a high-security document storage facility with 24 employees. Almost all objects in the outpost had been moved into the basement; 179 empty metal buckets were scattered through the rest of the facility. The bodies of Outpost Z-51's personnel had been dismembered, packed in salt, and stored in 24 separate filing cabinets. These cabinets were placed in a row in the attic, with SCP-C240 on the floor in front of them. No other written materials were found in the facility.

Current containment procedures, based on the initial conditions of SCP-C240's discovery, were implemented following this incident.

SCP-C240's anomalous properties, if any, are unknown.

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