Inscription on chamber reads "VERIDIS QUO", the only instance of Latin within SCP-C333. Most literally translates to "where is green?".

Item #: SCP-C333

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C333 is to be kept isolated via two-factor method. Firstly, the land surrounding the facility is labeled a reserve for the endangered "Mustela lutreola", or the European mink. Additionally, the entryway to SCP-C333 is listed as a historical site under renovation, and is cordoned off behind civilian clothes Foundation security.

The anomalous properties are to be contained by use of MTF-Phi-42, concurrent with the 15th day of the synodic month, when the structure's properties reset. For more information on MTF-Phi-42, please see the addendum.

Description: SCP-C333 is a facility located in Athens, Greece, containing an entrance building and a subterranean expanse of halls, tunnels, and other pathways, forming an extensive labyrinth. The labyrinth contains non-euclidean geometry, lethal devices, and combinations of the two. Architecture within the facility is incongruent with any one style. Some segments of the labyrinth match the external facade of the entrance, some appear lifted from South American culture, and some seem inspired by North African or Middle Eastern styles. Other segments are made up of typical building techniques of the castles built in Europe during the years 1200 to 1600. Yet more parts of the maze consist of modernist design or postmodern, "futuristic" rooms, lined with white enameled metal panels. Oftentimes the design elements are inspired more by stereotypes of the culture they are interpreting, such as sarcophagi lining areas consistent with North African architecture.

Scenarios posed by the facility have thus far taken the shape of tasks typically physically insurmountable by natural means. Examples thus far have included a high power laser grid, arranged in a random pattern, an advanced and long form memory game constructed from stones within the floor, and a set of pipes embedded within the walls that fire small darts tipped with an unrecoverable poisonous substance. A traditional exploration to the end of the facility will include an encounter with 15-20 distinct challenges. At the end, a stone room constant between all iterations of the maze manifests, including a central monolith. Contact with the monolith links the ending room to the antechamber of the labyrinth, and purportedly resets the secondary effect of the facility.

The secondary anomalous effect of the structure is unconfirmed. Due to the existence of the one existing anomalous effect and the etchings recovered from the entrance hall, it is probable that if the labyrinth is not 'completed' once per every moon cycle, SCP-C333 will facilitate a large scale unspecific catastrophic event, potentially ending in upwards of an XK-Class scenario.

Recovery: The site was discovered after a police report was given by a child from the area concerning a mentor, who had purportedly been completing the maze monthly for over 30 years and recently failed to return from the maze. The child claimed that an instructor/apprentice relationship spanning many generations had been fulfilling the containment procedures for over a thousand years, evident by the research found in the antechamber of the facility located just before entering the first non-euclidean space. Evidence collected includes several failed attempts to map the maze, a list of recurring traps and strategies, and diet and training techniques used by those attempting to complete the labyrinth. After the officers sent to the scene were also lost, the report was intercepted by agents and the facility was secured.

Addendum 1: MTF-Phi-42 MTF-Phi-42 is an experimental Task Force comprised of cybernetically modified individuals, who already possess extreme psychological and physiological capabilities. Phi-42 was assembled specifically to assist with the containment of SCP-C333, as a result of Class-D personnel consistently failing to complete the task that is the labyrinth. The team are modified with a standard array of a set of 900 newton thrust-force engines embedded within the hand and forearm for propulsion and spring assisted stilts (30 cm) for naturally elastic movements.

Addendum 2: Containment Logs The following is a collection of the most important logs concerning SCP-C333 and MTF-Phi-42.

Addendum 3: Classified Information The following is accessible only by personnel with Level 4 access or above.

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