A diagram of SCP-C361's containment chamber at 14:00 on 2018-12-03. Each rectangle represents a door; green rectangles represent the doors that comprise SCP-C361.

Item #: SCP-C361

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Area-C361 has been specially constructed to contain SCP-C361. Doors in Area-C361 may not have locks of any kind and must not be physically prevented from opening. Gatherings of more than three individuals in a single room are prohibited. SCP-C361's containment chamber is situated in Area-C361 such that, in every direction, there are at least five doors between it and the exterior of the building.

SCP-C361's containment chamber is a 30 x 48 grid of identical rooms measuring 2.5m on each side, separated by corridors. The door to each room is fitted with three separate mechanical locks; sensors in the door frame are set to monitor when these locks are disengaged and report the information to Area-C361's control room.

At all times, SCP-C361's containment team must consist of two Operators and at least six Runners; the Operators are stationed in Area-C361's control room, while the Runners are stationed in its containment chamber. The Operators continually track SCP-C361's location and calculate the optimal room to lure it towards, then transmit instructions to the two Runners nearest to it via radio. These Runners will enter the specified room without delay and lock the door behind them, remaining there until SCP-C361 unlocks the door.

Due to the strenuous nature of SCP-C361's containment procedures, inattentiveness and fatigue greatly increase the risk of containment failure. Members of SCP-C361's containment team should not be made to work for shifts longer than three hours unless there is a critical personnel shortage.

Description: SCP-C361 is an incorporeal entity that manifests as a set of 142 doors that cannot be locked or obstructed. Any action taken with intent to prevent one of these doors from opening will be repelled by an unseen force akin to magnetism. Likewise, when a door is incorporated into SCP-C361, any locks immediately disengage and any obstructions are expelled from the area.

SCP-C361 is roughly serpentine in form, measuring 3-5 doors wide at its widest and tapering off in the tail region. It is capable of motion by adding new doors in its head region while removing the same number of doors from other parts of its body; this takes about 45 seconds. While SCP-C361 can travel without regard for the physical distances involved, it is apparently unable to 'skip' doors — it will incorporate intermediate doors before approaching more distant ones.

SCP-C361 can perceive limited information about doors and their adjoining rooms; this extends four doors in any direction from its head. It is known to respond to the following stimuli:

  • The number of locks and obstructions blocking the door.
  • How many sapient entities are in the adjoining room.
  • The size of the adjoining room.

SCP-C361 will preferentially target doors that are heavily locked, as well as ones attached to smaller rooms and/or rooms that contain more individuals. This behavior can be used to lure SCP-C361 towards specific locations; however, if SCP-C361 is not provided with new 'stimuli' frequently, it will leave the area in search of other doors to occupy. Thus, it will only remain contained if it is constantly lured towards different sections of its containment chamber.

Addendum: Recovery

SCP-C361 was discovered on 2015-07-30 when it entered Site-17's Humanoid Anomaly Wing, which contained ███ sapient SCPs at the time. Site-17's internal security forces were quickly overwhelmed by the abrupt, massive containment breach instigated by SCP-C361. Task forces from other sites were called in to quell the resulting riots and recover escaping anomalies.

Order was restored to Site-17 after 51 hours, with SCP-C361 being identified and moved off-site several weeks later. Ultimately, 18 anomalies escaped containment, with an additional 43 suffering some form of injury; 103 Foundation personnel were injured. No deaths occurred.

Shortly after SCP-C361's arrival at Site-17, the Site Director reported receiving a handwritten note; he was, however, unable to recall how he acquired it. The note reads as follows:

You know exactly why I'm here. Have fun with my pet snake. Up yours.

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