Item #: SCP-C396

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C396's containment area is a sphere 7.0m in diameter whose interior surface is covered entirely with high-definition television screens. Each of these screens is to play videos depicting explicit heterosexual intercourse at all times. Pornographic audio is to be piped into the containment area at 90-100 dB.

A transparent Energetic Anomaly Restriction Chamber is suspended in the center of the containment area; SCP-C396 itself is kept in this chamber. The chamber is rated to withstand extremely high temperatures, powerful electrical discharges, and all forms of physical impact.

Should SCP-C396 escape containment, it should be exposed to (preferably heterosexual) erotic material of any kind until a permanent containment solution is devised. Due to the danger posed by an unrestricted SCP-C396-A, SCP-C396 must not be killed under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-C396 is a humanoid entity with a microscopic gravitational singularity, designated SCP-C396-A, in its genital region. While SCP-C396-A has a hypothesized mass of 3 billion metric tonnes, its gravitational effects do not extend beyond a sphere 8.2cm in diameter, and it retains its position relative to SCP-C396 at all times.

Hawking radiation emitted by SCP-C396-A (estimated at 40 MW) is directed exclusively towards SCP-C396, which can apparently store this energy indefinitely. SCP-C396 may use this energy to produce a variety of energetic phenomena (i.e. light, heat, electricity, motion) in its general vicinity at will.

SCP-C396 possesses several additional anomalous properties whose relation to SCP-C396-A and its power output are unclear.

  • Type E telepathic capabilities (mind reading, sensation control, and thought projection).
  • Absorption of kinetic and thermal energy from the surface of its body, reducing both to safe levels.
  • Negligible requirement for food, water, and air; general lack of detectable biological functions apart from neurological activity. It is unclear whether SCP-C396 is "alive" in the conventional sense.
  • Presence of a large external organ resembling a gray cloak, which covers SCP-C396's body. The organ is composed largely of skin and collagen, and resembles thick cloth in texture.
  • Emanation of a black aerosolized substance from its skin when exposed to visible light, hindering visual examination of SCP-C396. This substance decomposes into various sulfur compounds after several seconds and does not impair SCP-C396's vision.

SCP-C396 is highly resilient to conventional methods of attack, with the possible exception of several lethal methods whose use has not been authorized. It is, however, extremely averse to erotic materials and activity (particularly those involving women), appearing to experience physical pain when exposed to them. SCP-C396's ability to weaponize its anomalous properties is diminished by exposure to sexual content of any sort; this forms the basis of the current containment procedures.

SCP-C396 is psychologically human, albeit with pronounced narcissism and sadism. It believes that its anomalous properties are a consequence of abstaining entirely from sexual gratification until the age of thirty. Notably, several internet memes circulated since the early 2000s describe a similar phenomenon; SCP-C396 strongly resembles the "30-year-old virgin wizard" depicted in these memes. It is believed that exposure to these images influenced SCP-C396's eventual anomalous nature.

Addendum: History of SCP-C396

Prior to its development of anomalous properties, SCP-C396 was a human male named Brandon █████████. Records show that SCP-C396 displayed antisocial behavior since childhood and had been referred to mental health professionals on numerous occasions. SCP-C396 graduated high school, but was unable to remain employed for more than several months at a time; consequently, the subject lived with his parents in ██████, California. There is no indication that SCP-C396 had any close relationships outside of his own family.

SCP-C396 was highly active on a variety of websites, particularly social media platforms and imageboards, as well as forums devoted to abstinence from sex and masturbation. SCP-C396 made several online posts claiming to have various powers, prompting a standard Foundation investigation when SCP-C396 was 24 years old. The investigation concluded that SCP-C396 was not anomalous at the time, and was instead experiencing grandiose delusions.

SCP-C396 did not exhibit anomalous properties until 2019-04-18.1 While there are no living witnesses to this development, evidence suggests that SCP-C396 killed its parents and destroyed their house shortly after gaining the ability to do so. Afterwards, it flew into downtown ██████, where it terrorized residents by using its anomalous properties to destroy buildings and kill bystanders in a variety of ways.

During this incident, SCP-C396 was observed to preferentially target establishments associated with the sex industry (strip clubs, sex shops, etc.) for destruction; temporary containment procedures were extrapolated from this behavior.

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