SCP-C400 at time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-C400

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C400 is to be kept in a high-security containment chamber at Site-130; it may only be used with permission from its HMCL supervisor and in the presence of two members of Site-130 security. All prospective users of SCP-C400 must state exactly who they intend to contact and why; if the user deviates from their stated plan of action, they are to be subdued immediately.

When contacting deceased individuals, a D-Class personnel must be used as a proxy to place the call; in these cases, all other attending personnel must be equipped with sound-canceling headgear. No audio recordings of these calls may be kept; instead, an automated service will transcribe the call and scrub any potentially hazardous content. The proxy is to be terminated immediately upon completion of the call.

Use of SCP-C400 to contact any entity listed in Appendix C requires a majority vote of the O5 Council in addition to HMCL approval. In these cases, a fully deaf and mute proxy should play a recording of the intended recipient's name before conducting the rest of the call without external aid.

A list of individuals SCP-C400 may not be used to call is maintained by SCP-C400's containment team; this directive may be overridden only with O5 approval. Inclusion on the do-not-call list is decided on a case-by-case basis; however, an individual must be added to the list if they:

  • display unexpected foreknowledge of a call from SCP-C400;
  • existed prior to a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario;
  • are confined to an Atlas-class noetic isolation chamber;
  • have an active VIP designation; or
  • were involved in SCP-C400's creation.

If SCP-C400 rings, a visual-only alarm will be sent to all Site-130 personnel, with instructions to immediately deactivate all audio-producing devices in their vicinity and refrain from speaking until the all-clear is sent. Any device that receives an audio message during this time must be discarded without further inspection. Under no circumstances should SCP-C400 be answered.

Description: SCP-C400 is a K6-model red telephone box. It operates like a conventional telephone box, except that it requires no electricity or connection to phone lines.

When the Operator is dialed and an individual's name is spoken into the receiver, the user will be connected to that individual without fail. If the call's recipient does not have access to a phone, or if they decline to answer the call, they will instead hear the user's audio coming from a point near their right ear. If a name belonging to more than one person is spoken, SCP-C400 will contact the person with that name who is the fewest degrees of social separation from the caller.

No phone number is assigned to SCP-C400; caller ID services will display SCP-C400's number as 000-000-0000.

Further information is classified.

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