Item #: SCP-C404

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C404 is kept in a bed at Site-99's humanoid anomaly medical center and provided with standard amenities for immobile humanoids. Care must be taken not to physically disturb SCP-C404 unnecessarily; contact with its heart or blood vessels is forbidden entirely. Fans facing SCP-C404 must remain active to prevent the accumulation of dust.

SCP-C404-1A through 1F are kept at Morgue-Site-144.

Description: SCP-C404 is a 22-year-old human female. SCP-C404's thoracic and abdominal cavities are empty, save for the subject's heart and blood vessels. The anterior abdominal wall is also absent, exposing most of SCP-C404's interior to the elements. Evidence suggests that these changes were made by a party with substantial surgical expertise and access to state-of-the-art medical equipment.

SCP-C404's heart is engorged to about six times its normal size and is located in the center of the abdominal cavity. It beats between 250-270 times per minute while SCP-C404 is at rest and up to 350 times per minute when SCP-C404 is active or agitated. The blood vessels follow an elaborately knotted path through the thoracic and abdominal cavities before entering other parts of the body.

SCP-C404 is immune to physical harm and disease as long as its heart function is undisturbed. Attempts to damage SCP-C404 via piercing, chemicals, heat, etc. have proven completely ineffective. The subject does not require (and, moreover, lacks the facilities to consume) air or sustenance of any sort. Various infectious agents have had no discernible effect on the subject.

In contrast, SCP-C404's heart is abnormally susceptible to damage. While it does not suffer ill effects from prolonged exposure to air or its sustained high levels of activity, any substantial physical disturbance has the potential to induce arrhythmia that subsides only after several hours. On two occasions, incidental physical contact left bruising that has not healed in the two years since SCP-C404 was contained.

SCP-C404 does not experience pain, except when its heart is damaged or disrupted.

SCP-C404 is a member of SCP-1659γ, claiming membership in the "Solvent Interpretation Division"1. In the course of its work, SCP-C404 and six other members of the Solvent Interpretation Division were ambushed by two humanoid assailants2, who were observed to cling to vertical surfaces and produce a sedative agent through their sharpened fingertips. The assailants quickly subdued and abducted the SCP-1659γ members.

Foundation observers who were present for this event relayed this information to their superiors, who then relayed it to Directorate K. Four months later, SCP-1659 released SCP-C404 and the corpses of the six other abductees (now designated SCP-C404-1A through 1F) into Foundation custody in exchange for [REDACTED]. SCP-1659 did not state how or where they recovered these objects.

Designation Description3 Notes
SCP-C404-1A Thoracic and abdominal cavities emptied. Anterior abdominal wall is absent. The heart is unaltered. Deceased from blood loss and/or total organ failure.
SCP-C404-1B All blood replaced with an unidentified, extremely caustic substance. The circulatory system is unaffected. Deceased from total organ failure.
SCP-C404-1C Anterior abdominal wall is absent. Immune to physical alteration in a manner similar to SCP-C404 itself. Deceased from starvation.
SCP-C404-1D Heart is engorged to about eight times its normal size and located in the center of the abdominal cavity. Deceased from heart failure.
SCP-C404-1E Displays physical alterations similar to SCP-C404 itself. No increase in physical resilience was observed. Deceased from carbon dioxide poisoning.
SCP-C404-1F All fingernails, toenails, eyeballs, hair, and teeth removed. Deceased from manual strangulation.
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