Item #: SCP-C405

Object Class: Safe Justitia1

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-C405-A should be taken to Bio-Site-36 for examination and cataloging. One instance of SCP-C405-B may remain active at Bio-Site-36; the remainder should be deactivated and kept in standard anomalous electronics storage lockers at a suitable site(s).

Procedures for addressing SCP-C405-A and -B instances outside of containment have changed — see addendum below.

Description: SCP-C405 is an unidentified process that can transform human tissue into personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for use in medical settings. SCP-C405-A is the collective designation for PPE created this way. Instances of SCP-C405-A are composed largely of living cells which die quickly if removed from SCP-C405-A.

Testing has shown that SCP-C405-A are reliably sterile and are at least as good as their non-anomalous counterparts at protecting their user. Four distinct types of SCP-C405-A have been identified:

  1. Gloves, composed of pericardial tissue and cardiac muscle. When worn, the glove will constrict or relax to fit the user's hand properly.
  2. Gowns, composed of skin and woven through with strings of keratin derived from toenails and fingernails. Noted to have abnormally high tensile strength.
  3. Respirators of various sizes and designs. In each case, the filtration component is a combination of kidney, liver, and nasal tissues.
  4. Goggles, with lenses formed from corneal tissue attached to a framework of bone and adipose tissue. When worn, the adipose tissue will shift to form a tight seal around the edge of the goggles.

All tissue used in SCP-C405-A is a genetic match to Jennifer ██████, a former researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who went missing shortly after her resignation in May of 2017.

SCP-3404-C is using SCP-C405 to create SCP-C405-A en masse for distribution to hospitals facing PPE shortages during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At time of writing, over 18,000 pieces of SCP-C405-A have been distributed to 169 hospitals. SCP-3404-C will decline offers of monetary payment for the PPE, instead requiring the installation of bespoke electronic equipment, designated SCP-C405-B, in the hospital's basement(s).

SCP-C405-B are heavily modified electromagnetic field generators based on non-anomalous designs created by the Institute for Esoteric Medicine.2 SCP-C405-B are required for SCP-C405-A to function — instances of SCP-C405-A will die in short order if they are not within 200 meters of an active SCP-C405-B instance, rendering them nearly useless. SCP-C405-B also greatly improves the strength of 5G and telepathic signals within several kilometers.

Addendum: Commentary from Dr. Pember regarding SCP-C405's containment procedures.

Operation HEALTH is more than capable of just procuring normal PPE and giving it away with no strings attached. Instead, they're foisting flesh gloves and strange EMF generators off on desperate, unprepared hospitals. Clearly, they're trying to make themselves indispensable so they have leeway to accomplish whatever the hell it is they do.

The problem is, they're succeeding. Getting hospital staff to cede their only PPE in the middle of a pandemic has, unsurprisingly, proven very difficult. And the Ethics Committee has decided that, when we eventually do contain the gear, we are morally responsible for the uptick in disease and death that happens when a hospital becomes less sanitary.

The new plan is to identify hospitals that get supplied with SCP-C405-A, but wait to contain any pieces of gear until we can pony up replacements for them. In the meantime, we let the amnestics flow and block press visits so the general public is none the wiser. We're exposing the public to much more anomalous activity than we'd like, but apparently this is preferable to the alternative.

Stay safe, everyone.

- Dr. Pember, SCP-C405 HMCL supervisor.

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