Item #: SCP-C411

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Full containment of SCP-C411 will consist of completely erasing SCP-C411 from popular memory. All forms of media and communications that feature SCP-C411 must be identified and confiscated or destroyed. At least 99.5% of civilians with knowledge of SCP-C411 must be located and amnesticized.

SCP-C411 is currently uncontained. Full containment is projected to occur in 15-20 years.

Description: SCP-C411 is the fictional character "Donkey Kong", originally developed by Nintendo Co. for the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. SCP-C411 is depicted as an anthropomorphic gorilla with a peaked hairstyle and red necktie labeled "DK". Prior to its development of anomalous properties, SCP-C411 was featured in dozens of video games, which collectively sold over 200 million copies, as well as several animated cartoons and a wide variety of fan-created content.

All visual depictions of SCP-C411 show it as a corpse. This applies to both pre-existing depictions and ones created after SCP-C411 became anomalous. In every case, SCP-C411 will appear lifeless and unmoving, with no apparent injuries or signs of decay. Attempts to reanimate or communicate with SCP-C411 using in-universe processes (such as necromancy or a séance) will fail.

Traditional media featuring SCP-C411 will remain largely unchanged. The plot and other characters will proceed as though SCP-C411 were still alive, even if this would introduce plot holes or otherwise impossible events. If SCP-C411's corpse is disturbed, it will respond in a realistic fashion.1

Video games featuring SCP-C411 as the player character are generally inoperable, as SCP-C411 does not respond to player inputs. Games in which SCP-C411 is a non-player character may experience glitches when SCP-C411 fails to act properly. SCP-C411 is commonly treated as a defeated enemy when encountered, which can result in the corpse being thrown off-screen and/or the player receiving a standard reward.

History: SCP-C411 first began developing anomalous properties on April 13, 2020, when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players noted that SCP-C411 had acquired a new idle animation wherein it loosened its necktie. As news of this development spread online, players of other Donkey Kong games reported similar behavior.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-C411's new anomalous properties the following day and attempted to work with Nintendo to investigate the phenomenon; however, Nintendo refused to cooperate with the Foundation in any investigations and made no public statements regarding SCP-C411's behavior.

Beginning April 21st, all mobile depictions of SCP-C411 (including games, animation, etc.) began to exhibit similar tie-loosening behavior, as well as slightly decreased strength, speed, aiming ability, and speech capacity. SCP-C411 would attempt to loosen its necktie as much as once every three seconds, though it would return to its default state immediately afterward. SCP-C411 otherwise acted normally and neither it nor other characters openly acknowledged these changes, even as they worsened in severity.

On April 24th, mainstream news outlets began to report on SCP-C411's unusual behavior, which had previously been scrutinized primarily on social media and in games journalism outlets. All Nintendo representatives declined to comment on SCP-C411 and ceased posting on social media accounts associated with the company.

On April 27th, at 8:45 AM UST, SCP-C411 (including static images thereof) began to appear agitated, clawing at its necktie in an attempt to remove or destroy the garment. It would attempt to get the attention of other characters, who universally ignored its unusual behavior; notably, it produced no vocalizations during this timeframe. SCP-C411 collapsed at 8:49 AM and died within twenty minutes. Past this point, SCP-C411 displayed all anomalous properties mentioned in the Description section.

Statement by Nintendo of America, 2020-04-28.

On April 28th, Nintendo of America tweeted "Donkey Kong has died of natural causes." The company has offered no other public or private commentary on SCP-C411 except to reiterate this statement.

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