Item #: SCP-C418

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler "ZeroCool" monitors popular present and future webservices and identifies the presence of individuals affected by SCP-C418. Should this or any other method detect an instance of someone affected by SCP-C418, they are to be recovered, interrogated, amnesticized, and released, to be monitored for signs of relapse in the future. There is currently no plan to mitigate the continued spread of SCP-C418, as it provides valuable data to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-C418 is a nostopsychic effect that develops in children and young adults. Subjects affected by SCP-C418 typically report having been reduced to a previous point in their life, and that they have lived far beyond the time they were initially affected by SCP-C418. However, memories, behavioral patterns, identity, and other psychological phenomenon consistent with the ages and time periods claimed are not facsimiles or inventions. Nearly all memories of future points in time have been verified via secondary sources1, and extensive psychological examinations conducted by Foundation scientists yield no evidence of falsified behavior, only typical amounts of falsified memories.

Cases of SCP-C418 have no explicit patterns or trends, but tend to occur most during periods of cultural rest and recuperation. There is no known explicit cause for or explanation of the mechanism on which SCP-C418 operates. It is, however, believed to be tied to future emotional responses to vividly memorable events, media, or other experiences. Most subjects report that the last action performed before being affected by SCP-C418 directly correlates to the last action they remember performing in the future.

Addendum: The following is a collection of pertinent instances of SCP-C418.

Instance Designation Inception of SCP-C418 Last Future Date SCP-C418 Trigger Reported Data
C418-001 10/15/1955 7/5/1985 A movie titled "Back to the Future" released sometime in the week prior to displacement 7/3/1985. US secret war with Russia ongoing. However, recently elected leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev shows promise in cessation of covert operations. Last known US President is Ronald Reagan, current host of television program "General Electric Theatre".
C418-027 8/16/1969 4/20/1978 Marijuana intoxication. Apollo 13 will end in failure but provide no casualties. Last known Apollo mission occurred in 1972.
C418-050 6/20/1981 11/22/1999 A video game titled "Missile Command" / A song titled "Tom Sawyer" by group Rush Computers threaten to collapse world economies or worse on turn from year 1999 to 2000.
C418-080 8/01/1999 12/26/2007 A song titled "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. On September 11th, 2001, a terrorist attack will be enacted on the New York World Trade Center, the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense, and either the United States Capitol Building or the White House, the latter of which will be unsuccessful. Subject was incredibly adamant that such an act must be stopped.
C418-125 4/13/2012 01/09/2020 A video game titled "Minecraft" Donald J. Trump, despite personal assurance otherwise, runs for and wins in the presidential election of 2016. An impeachment trial is underway at time of last future date.
C418-175 8/14/2020 2/11/2032 The taste of re-fried beans. [REDACTED]2
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