Simplified aerial view of SCP-C420. SCP-C420 is presented in outline; Access Points A-E are marked in red.

Item #: SCP-C420

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: With the cooperation of the Mongolian government, Site-C420 has been built above SCP-C420 and disguised as a government facility. Site-C420 conceals all access points to SCP-C420 and serves as a base of operations for all excavations and explorations of SCP-C420. Site-C420 is additionally used for the containment and study of several Safe- and Euclid-class anomalies, as well as other classified functions.

Description: SCP-C420 is a subterranean megastructure located in an uninhabited area of the Gobi desert, measuring 9.9km x 7.3km horizontally and extending 7.1km into the ground. It is an irregular network of stone tunnels surrounding SCP-C420-1, reinforced with a novel MoSiBTiC alloy1 in lower areas. Five shafts, labeled A through E, allow SCP-C420 to be accessed from the surface.

Modern technology is insufficient to construct SCP-C420; further, there is no material or historical evidence pertaining to SCP-C420's creation. About 15% of SCP-C420 has been properly mapped; only 1.4% has been explored. SCP-C420's interior has been noted to smell strongly of peanuts, though no source for this scent has been found.

SCP-C420-1 is a massive incorporeal object composed of several hundred opaque triangles, similar to a polygon mesh used in 3D modeling. SCP-C420-1 does not interact with matter whatsoever; it can only be detected by its ability to reflect visible light. It is mostly composed of various shades of brown, though a large horizontal pentagonal section (found via Access Point E) is noted to be mostly red, with some yellow. A full digital reconstruction of SCP-C420 will likely remain incomplete for several years.

SCP-C420-1 (center) protruded 45cm above the ground at time of recovery.

SCP-C420-1 spans the entirety of SCP-C420, intersecting it at various points. It is presumed that SCP-C420 was built to facilitate access to and/or the creation of SCP-C420-1. Apart from SCP-C420-1, SCP-C420 appears to be entirely empty, save for several scattered coconut shells. Analysis has shown that these coconuts were harvested in April of 2020.2

Addendum: On 2020-07-30, a representative of Nintendo Co. contacted the Foundation regarding SCP-C420. Nintendo demonstrated awareness of SCP-C420's existence and location, referring to it as "the tomb", and requested that a team of its employees be allowed to access SCP-C420, offering 700 million yen (~6.5 million USD) as compensation. Due to ongoing difficulties in the Foundation's relationship with Nintendo, this request has been denied. Nintendo has refused to disclose its motives in this matter.

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