Item #: SCP-C526

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All photographs and satellite images of the Geographic North Pole are to be censored or otherwise falsified to conceal the presence of SCP-C526. Flights, expeditions, and other potential avenues of civilian exposure to SCP-C526 are to be diverted whenever possible; otherwise, all witnesses should be amnesticized and all material evidence confiscated.

Once per month, a team will be sent to the North Pole to collect no less than 300 instances of SCP-C526-A from among those that have appeared since their previous visit. These instances should be examined for any changes from previous inspections, then cataloged.

Description: SCP-C526 is a phenomenon that occurs at the Geographic North Pole. When any person writes a letter by hand and addresses it to "Santa Claus", "Santa's Workshop", "The North Pole", or any associated term, a copy of it will appear at the North Pole between zero and thirty meters above sea level. These letters, designated SCP-C526-A, are entirely immovable and unalterable until they touch human skin or clothing, at which point they lose all unusual properties. As a consequence, several million instances of SCP-C526-A are situated at the North Pole, with more appearing on an irregular basis.1 The oldest known instance of SCP-C526-A dates to 1850.

A note is affixed to each instance of SCP-C526-A. These notes are made from period-appropriate office supplies2 and written in period-appropriate British English. The same handwriting is found on all of these notes, suggesting that they are written by a single author. SCP-C526-A can be categorized by the contents of these notes:

  • Type C: The word "Coal", followed by a brief list of misdeeds attributed to the letter's author. The vast majority of SCP-C526-A are Type C.
  • Type G: The word "Grant", followed by text expounding upon the writer's virtues and/or good deeds. These notes can have up to 800 words written on them, and are often difficult to read due to small, frantic handwriting. Less than one percent of SCP-C526-A are Type G.
  • Type I: The word "Ineligible", followed by a brief explanation. Typically attached to letters written by adults or which contain requests for dangerous, "magical", rare, or very expensive items.
  • Type N: The phrase "No request". Attached to letters which make no requests.
  • Type P: The phrase "PAY ME YOU FAT BASTARD". Every instance that has appeared since January 3rd, 2004 has been Type P.
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