Item #: SCP-C590

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: All efforts must be made to reconstruct SCP-C590. Once the reconstruction is successful, SCP-C590 must be subject to rigorous memetic, associational, and infospacial tests to determine whether it is viable. If SCP-C590 is found to be stable, it should be fully integrated into the human psychosphere/noosphere; in preparation, existing procedures for noospheric induction must be upgraded substantially to accept non-custom-made concepts. If SCP-C590 is deemed unfit for reintegration, a new ontological construct should be devised to fulfill as many of SCP-C590's prior functions as possible.

The current cover story for SCP-C590 describes a terrorist attack releasing airborne chemicals that cause confusion, memory loss, and selective aphasia. This story is believed by less than a quarter of the population; however, due to cooperation from media and governments, no contradictory consensus has formed. A more plausible cover story is currently being formulated.

The Foundation may assist reputable governments and NGOs in addressing the ongoing IK-Class Civilizational Collapse caused by SCP-C590's absence, so long as it does not interfere with containment operations. Anomalous/anomalously obtained resources may be provided only with 2/3 approval of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-C590 was a concept that, prior to its excision from human consciousness on 18 May 2022 at 20:21:14 UTC, was common knowledge in almost all human societies and vital to the functioning of many. It is the first known major concept to disappear in this fashion, and has been tentatively designated as anomalous. While humans are still able to sense the literal content of SCP-C590, any attempts to interpret or apply the information will fail.

While any information that would clarify SCP-C590's contents is completely illegible, context clues have made certain inferences possible:

  • SCP-C590 was applied to areas on Earth's surface, or else used in adjective form to describe things in/of those spaces. These areas often, but not always, coincide with national borders.
  • Areas that expressed SCP-C590ness were often highly populated and/or crucial to local industry and international trade.
  • SCP-C590 was especially important in the fields of ecology, agriculture, climatology, geology, meteorology, and geography.
  • Knowledge of SCP-C590 dates to prehistory. SCP-C590 was used consistently until its disappearance.

For a complete catalogue of comprehensible metadata pertaining to SCP-C590, see Appendix A.

The loss of SCP-C590 had a catastrophic impact on humanity. In the immediate aftermath, many population centers became largely inscrutable to their inhabitants, leading to widespread panic and spontaneous evacuations. This displaced an estimated 3% of the world's population, with an unknown number remaining in affected areas. Some cities, such as New York City and Hong Kong, lack both the agricultural capacity to provide for their citizens and widely accessible means of egress; it is likely that these areas are experiencing mass casualty events.

Shortly after SCP-C590's loss, it became apparent that the timely distribution of goods worldwide was highly dependent on oceanic transportation, an activity which is not currently understood. Most aquatic vessels are clearly designed to receive food, fuel, and other materials from an external source, despite no recognizable infrastructure existing to support this activity. The only viable method of accessing aquatic vessels is via airplane; however, supply chain disruptions have prevented the use of air travel to rescue any significant fraction of people stranded at sea. It is assumed that the vast majority of the 2.3 million people who were at sea at the time of SCP-C590's disappearance will die in the near future.

The influx of refugees and destruction of international supply chains has led to the collapse of the global economy, with famines and civil unrest becoming commonplace as a result. For updates on the sociopolitical effects of SCP-C590's removal, consult the Current Events Feed.

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