Item #: SCP-C600

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C600 is kept in a modified humanoid containment chamber at Site-17. All carpeted and upholstered surfaces, save for SCP-C600's bed, have been replaced with easy-to-clean alternatives; its bedsheets require daily changing. SCP-C600 requires monthly dental checkups and weekly psychological evaluations.

Frequent honey production has proven beneficial to SCP-C600's mood and overall stability. As such, SCP-C600 should have access to an unrestricted supply of chocolate (or other sugar-rich, non-acidic, non-sticky foods). Likewise, materials for bottling this honey should be provided to SCP-C600. Honey produced by SCP-C600 is provided to Site-17's kitchen as necessary, with the rest included in the annual Site-17 holiday gift basket.

When interacting with SCP-C600, personnel should accept any honey it offers to them, provided it is offered in a container or applied directly to a food item; any other proposed method of transfer should be gently rebuffed. Other offers made by SCP-C600 may be evaluated on an individual basis. Personnel should thank SCP-C600 profusely whether or not its offers are accepted, though extraneous compliments should be avoided.

No exceptions to standard protocol beyond those explicitly laid out in official documentation are to be made for SCP-C600. Unsupervised interactions between SCP-C600 and staff are not permitted under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-C600 is a human female of apparent Mediterranean descent in its late 20s. SCP-C600 has several morphological differences from baseline humans, most notably a pair of black geniculate antennae 0.73 meters in length extending from its forehead. These antennae are under SCP-C600's conscious control and serve as tactile, olfactory, and gustatory organs. SCP-C600's irises and sclera are replaced by a smooth black surface of unknown function.

When supplied with a high-sugar diet, SCP-C600 is capable of producing honey at a maximum rate of 2.3 liters per day from any of its exocrine glands. The exact biological mechanisms which allow this are unclear, as cultures of SCP-C600's cells have not displayed this ability under laboratory conditions. Honey produced by SCP-C600 has no chemical abnormalities (save for the absence of pollen) and has been proven safe to consume. Its color, taste, and other properties are contingent on SCP-C600's diet; honey produced under its current regimen is strong, amber-colored, and tastes slightly of cocoa. It has been generally well-received by personnel.

SCP-C600 is 165 cm in height and weighs 54-57 kg; its physical abilities are about average for its size. It is fluent in Greek and English and capable of remembering and following instructions from containment personnel. It identifies itself as "Melithea", though it will also respond to its SCP designation.

SCP-C600 had no major health problems at its last checkup (2008-03-13); it has a history of gum disease and tooth decay owing to its extremely high sugar intake, though this has been mostly corrected since its containment. SCP-C600 possesses genetic abnormalities corresponding to the anomalies described in this document, as well as others of uncertain function.

Addendum C600-A: Abridged psychological profile, compiled by Dr. Fox

SCP-C600 quickly develops strong feelings towards others, mentally categorizing them as allies or enemies based on her initial impressions of them. Her own behavior is likewise bifurcated, easily swinging between extreme generosity and overt hostility.

SCP-C600 harbors numerous grandiose delusions; common themes include descent from royalty, magical properties of her honey, possession of psychic abilities, and divine status. She nonetheless performs adequately on standard tests of mental ability and is capable of rational, goal-oriented behavior.

While SCP-C600's symptoms are consistent with some established mental disorders, the causal relationship between her behavior and her anomalous properties (if any) is unknown. Formal psychiatric diagnoses have thus been deemed inappropriate. Additionally, due to SCP-C600's genetic and biological abnormalities, chemical regulation of her behavior has not been attempted.

Addendum C600-B: Subject history

SCP-C600 was found in Karyes, Greece living in a hut on the outskirts of town in 2007, where it had reportedly been living for about five years. It claims that it "shifted" to this universe in 2002, as this was "where [it] was needed most". No evidence pertaining to SCP-C600 prior to its arrival in Karyes has been found.

SCP-C600 as mostly viewed by other residents as an eccentric and minor nuisance, if they were aware of it at all. It made no effort to hide its anomalous nature; most other residents ascribed its unusual appearance and abilities to cosmetics, costumery, or other forms of trickery.

As SCP-C600 lacked any documents that would demonstrate its identity, proof of citizenship/residence, etc. it was unable to receive government assistance or maintain formal employment. Thus, it supported itself financially by selling or bartering honey and performing odd jobs. Notably, it received unsold candy and soda for free from a local grocer, which allowed it to produce honey for modest profit.

SCP-C600 was the subject of multiple complaints to law enforcement, most pertaining to disorderly conduct or harassment. These cases were generally used by police as an excuse to extort SCP-C600 for money and other assets. SCP-C600 described the Karyes police department as "a great stain of malevolence upon the earth" and its officers as "archdemons of greed".

On 28 July 2006, Daphne Lambrakis (age 21) was declared missing, having last been seen by her roommate two days prior. On September 13th, police located a witness in Karyes who reported seeing SCP-C600 together with Mrs. Lambrakis on July 26th. Investigators executed a search of SCP-C600's hut, where they discovered Mrs. Lambrakis bound by the wrists and severely malnourished. Medical attention was promptly issued and Mrs. Lambrakis eventually made a full recovery.

When questioned, Mrs. Lambrakis stated that she encountered SCP-C600 during an unplanned stop in Karyes. SCP-C600 then lured her to its hut, restrained her, and fed her exclusively honey for about six weeks. SCP-C600 repeatedly detailed to Mrs. Lambrakis its intent to embalm her in honey, then later reincarnate into her body as an "empowered being".

SCP-C600 was arrested for kidnapping; in the course of processing SCP-C600, law enforcement discovered that SCP-C600's anatomical anomalies were genuine and documented them as such; the description triggered a standard intervention by the Foundation, during which SCP-C600 was taken into Foundation custody.

Addendum C600-C: Psychotherapeutic check-in 26 January 2009, deemed representative of SCP-C600's behavior and thought processes.

Dr. Fox sits behind their desk, preparing their notes for SCP-C600's appointment and opening a cup of greek yogurt. At 9:02 AM, site security personnel escort SCP-C600 into Dr. Fox's office; one stays to supervise the interview, while the other leaves.

As SCP-C600 enters, she fixes Dr. Fox a warm smile and sits down in her chair. Throughout the interview, her antennae move sporadically.

C600: Good morning, Dr. Fox!

Fox: Good morning, Melithea. So, did you have any time to think —

C600: [interrupting] Aren't you forgetting something, Foxy?

SCP-C600 holds out her right pointer finger. A globule of honey begins to form at her fingertip, threatening to drizzle onto the desk.

C600: I can put this anywhere you want.

Dr. Fox quickly moves their cup of yogurt to capture the stream of honey coming from SCP-C600's hand.

Fox: Oh, thank you.

SCP-C600 stops producing honey once Dr. Fox's yogurt is adequately topped. She puts the finger in her mouth, conspicuously licking off the extra honey.

C600: You know, one day you'll forget to bring that yogurt. And then…?

Dr. Fox picks up a spoon and begins to consume the yogurt and honey.

Fox: And then I'll find somewhere else to put it. I appreciate the gesture, it's very flattering. But even if I wanted to, licking a patient's fingers would break a lot of rules.

SCP-C600 sighs and sinks into her chair, annoyed.

C600: Let me guess, too intimate?

Fox: Among other reasons.

C600: Hmph. You guys don't make any sense.

Fox: How so?

C600: I'm already everywhere in this site, all the time. Why can't I have some fun with it?

Fox: Well, eating your honey is pretty different from physically touching you.

C600: No, I told you, I can see my aura in everyone who eats it. I am literally, physically inside you right now. But somehow my hands are a step too far?

SCP-C600 abruptly slams her fist on the desk, visibly shaking. The security guard steps forward; Dr. Fox holds up a hand, signaling him to stop.

C600: This is bullshit!

Fox: [gently] Melithea, it's alright. Here.

SCP-C600, still shaking, stands up. Dr. Fox does as well, then walks around to SCP-C600's side of the desk. The two embrace silently for several seconds as SCP-C600 steadies herself. Her antennae probe Dr. Fox's face. After the hug, each returns to their seat.

Fox: Thank you for the honey, by the way. It's delicious, as always.

C600: I'm… glad you like it.

SCP-C600 sits up straight and smiles. She is flushed, but seemingly unbothered.

Fox: Are you good to continue?

C600: [nodding] M-hm!

Fox: That's good to hear. So, I was about to ask — did you have time to think about what happened with Researcher Quinn on Thursday?

C600: He's definitely evil.

Fox: Do you think he's dangerous?

C600: Spiritually, yes. He's probably a minor chaos gorgonic, given the red tendrils his aura gives off. If he had some of my honey, I could just purify him myself, but he's too clever for that.

Dr. Fox finishes eating the yogurt and sets the container aside.

Fox: And what do you mean by 'purify', here?

C600: If he's just possessed by a gorgonic, he'll be freed from its control. If he's an incarnate, he would be obliterated.

Fox: Okay. How do you feel you handled the situation?

C600: Bad, I guess. He's still there.

Fox: He is. And, moreover, outbursts like that are why your request to mingle with personnel was denied.

SCP-C600 begins to slump in its seat.

C600: I, uh, I can't really count on the Foundation to banish the darkness, huh.

SCP-C600 starts secreting a small amount of honey from its tear ducts.

Fox: I don't think it's good to dwell on what you can't do. There's still a lot you can do, even in your position, to make things better.

C600: Like with my honey.

Fox: Exactly. Tons of people here eat it, which means you're helping to protect them, right?

C600: M-hm.

Fox: And even if you're not helping someone out with anything, you can still lift their spirits, or uh, vibrations, right? Most of the time you're a pleasure to be around.

SCP-C600 wipes some of the honey away from its eyes.

C600: Most of the time?

Fox: Well, yes. When you lashed out at Researcher Quinn, that wasn't much fun for anyone.

SCP-C600 bursts into laughter for about 20 seconds. Dr. Fox chuckles briefly as well.

C600: That's so true! Everyone fell out of harmony when I started yelling. I thought it was Quinn, but gorgonics can't do that!

Fox: That's right, they can't. And, given that you still didn't get rid of Researcher Quinn…

SCP-C600 considers the prompt briefly, still grinning.

C600: I probably should have just kept it to myself.

Fox: There you go. You don't have to be friendly with anyone you don't want to, but I think keeping things polite would be a great way for you to do good.

C600: Makes sense to me. I guess I can try that.

Fox: I'm glad to hear it. So, how are you feeling about this?

C600: Well, it does suck that I can't really come into my own as the embodiment of benevolence, but… I'll figure something out. I'm still pretty powerful.

Fox: You're really handling it well. I'm proud of you, Melithea.

C600: Aw, thanks! Is there anything else? I kind of want to get to breakfast.

Fox: No, that's all from me. I'll see you next Thursday.

C600: Okay!

Dr. Fox stands up, followed by SCP-C600. They shake hands briefly. SCP-C600 heads towards the door.

C600: Bye Foxy!

Site security escorts SCP-C600 out of Dr. Fox's office.

Addendum C600-D: Incident C600-31

The events described in this report have been inferred from material evidence and SCP-C600's testimony (when deemed reliable).

Sometime in February 2009, SCP-C600 began to seduce Agent C. Wilkins, a member of its containment team. Later that month, the two arranged to covertly meet in SCP-C600's containment cell overnight. In preparation, Wilkins tampered with the surveillance system to send looped input to the cameras in SCP-C600's cell; as such, no audiovisual records of the incident exist. On March 28th at 9:30 PM, he entered SCP-C600's containment cell as planned. The two then engaged in sexual activity of uncertain nature.

After some time, Wilkins puts on SCP-C600's blindfold (see request log). Following this, SCP-C600 placed its fingers in his ears and exuded honey at a rate sufficient to puncture his eardrums, severely disorienting him. SCP-C600 retrieved its wand (which it had covertly sharpened into a shiv, likely over an extended period of time) from its chest of drawers and stabbed Wilkins repeatedly in the hands, elbows, and knees, incapacitating him. It then sealed his wounds with honey, preventing external bleeding.

After immobilizing Wilkins, SCP-C600 retrieved his lighter and iPod Nano from his pants pockets. SCP-C600 used the iPod to play a copy of its spoken word recording, which it later claimed to be a ritual incantation. As the recording played, SCP-C600 used the lighter to melt several crayons onto his skin, forming various symbols with alchemical and occult significance. At some point, Wilkins began to struggle, leading SCP-C600 to bash his head against the wall until he fell unconscious.

Over the course of the next four hours, SCP-C600 intermittently secreted honey into Agent Wilkins' mouth, purportedly while performing ritual dances and prayers. As Wilkins was unable to swallow the honey, it gradually suffocated him; the estimated time of death is 2:45 AM. Shortly following his death, SCP-C600 collapsed from exhaustion, remaining on the floor of its cell until 7:30 AM, when other containment personnel performed its morning check-in.

SCP-C600 later claimed that its actions were intended to "synchronize energies" with Agent Wilkins before "liberating [his] life force to create a high angel" that would carry out SCP-C600's will. Despite its insistence to the contrary, there is no evidence that its actions had any anomalous effect.

A review by the Containment Standards Committee determined that, if not for Agent Wilkins' flagrant breaches of protocol, SCP-C600's containment procedures would have prevented Incident C600-31 from occurring. As such, no alterations to these procedures are planned.

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