Item #: SCP-C616

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C616 is contained in standard windowless humanoid containment chamber C8-W9616 in Site-17. Requests for testing or visitation should be sponsored or approved by Level 2 personnel or higher. It is not permitted to use its abilities for any purpose outside of testing, nor does it display any desire or willingness to do so. Its dietary regimen has been modified to an appropriate vegetarian diet.

SCP-C616 is to be provided with entertainment or exercise materials as requested, within reasonable budgetary and logistic constraints and contingent on its continued docility. It is allowed a proxied and strictly monitored Internet connection, due to its persistent record of compliance; personnel are permitted to participate in casual online gameplay with it during non-work hours.1 Its extended family and other loved ones have been informed that it is studying abroad in Luxembourg for an indefinite period of time.

Description: SCP-C616 is a humanoid female in its early twenties, possessing naturally occurring white hair, slightly pointed ears, curled horns resembling those of Capra aegagrus hircus2, elongated canines, and a tufted tail roughly 1.5 meters in length. Right eye is red, left is violet. The tail is prehensile; otherwise, all anatomical anomalies are purely superficial in nature. Its psychological profile is normal, and it is generally amiable and cooperative in nature.

SCP-C616's primary anomaly is an absolute degree of control over all forms of muscle fiber in its line of sight, both living and dead. This control does not extend to any attached living tissue, such as tendons, bones, and skin. To date, SCP-C616 has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Increase the muscle fiber density of a provided D-Class subject. Due to the lack of a corresponding increase in bone density, fat reserves, and tendon strength, subject immediately collapsed. SCP-C616 reversed the changes after a brief panic; subject was treated for severe muscular atrophy and is currently recovering.
  • Reshape a provided cut of bovine meat into several forms, shaping it into approximations of skeletal muscle roughly resembling a bicep, smooth muscle roughly resembling a large intestine, and cardiac muscle in a stylized "heart" shape. When asked to explain the discrepancies in these constructs compared to legitimate organs, subject stated "I got a C in anatomy in junior high".
  • Manipulate the corpses of several provided organisms, including lifting their bodies off the ground and posing them as instructed. Movement described as jerky and unnatural; examination after testing revealed bone fractures and ligament strain on several subjects.
  • Manipulate the bodies of living organisms, with similar results to the above. SCP-C616 reacted with strong displeasure to both tests, and requested that they not be repeated.
  • Cook various cuts of meat in under a minute. Taste described as "dry", "chewy", and "a little overdone".

Of note is that SCP-C616 identifies as a vegetarian due to experiencing minor gastrointestinal discomfort (unrelated to its anomalous properties) when consuming meat products.

Addendum: Excerpt from routine intake evaluation performed by Head of Psychology Dr. Simon Glass.

Interviewed: SCP-C616

Interviewer: Dr. Simon Glass

Date: 11/13/2021


Glass: Alright, please state your name for the record.

SCP-C616: Rach.

Glass: Full name, please.

SCP-C616: [Sighs heavily.] Rachel Morgana Thistleruby-Ravenwillow. The third.

Glass: …Alright, Rachel.

SCP-C616: Yeah.


SCP-C616: Jesus Christ.

Glass: [Clears throat.] So, when did you first notice that things were…different, for you?

SCP-C616: You mean the meat thing?

Glass: The carnomancy abilities, yes.

SCP-C616: So, like. The meat thing.


SCP-C616: Okay, so. I'm the seventh sister of a seventh sister from the accursed union of Rachel Morgana Thistleruby the First and Archon Octavius Nighteye Ravenwillow seven generations ago, and there's some sort of fucking prophecy or whatever, right? Like, family drama shit. You know how it is.

Glass: Of course.

SCP-C616: So when I was a kid they just would not shut up about it. Like, really, the whole "princess of darkness" thing, just, every goddamn Sunday brunch they would not shut up about it. I mean, it was kind of cute for a while? Like, it's nice to feel special or whatever. I dunno.

Glass: So would you describe your upbringing as unusual?

SCP-C616: Don't all families have a little family fun ritual sacrifice togetherness time for the kiddos every once in a while?


Glass: Well—

SCP-C616: I'm being sarcastic. Everyone I'm related to is a fucking nutjob.

Glass: Ah.

SCP-C616: Anyway, when I was a kid it was just this Huge Freaking Deal, this whole prophecy thing. Like, my mom drowned in a cursed tar pit when I was seven, which is a part of it apparently? And I was all sad about it and shit because, you know, I was seven, and all my aunts and great-aunts were just going "yesss exactly as planned" and "another fragment of her will falls into place" and I was just like, I miss when she would sneak up behind people at Kroger and scratch them to freak them out. You know?


SCP-C616: Sorry, off topic. All the meat shit started when I turned thirteen.

Glass: …Alright. Would you say there was a single inciting incident?

SCP-C616: Yeah, so, like. When I woke up on my thirteenth birthday? [Gestures to its head.] Bam, horns and tail and teeth. And I was like, this might as well happen, you know? We had a two-headed cat, like, weird shit just kind of happens. Apparently it was supposed to happen at midnight, but, like, I was asleep, so. Anyway, my aunts were psyched about it. Like, they made me pose for pictures with their curse plants and rune circles and stuff. Dressed me up in all black and everything too. Lame as hell. I was like twenty minutes late to school.

Glass: You’re saying that the appearance of your nonhuman features wasn’t a shock to you?

SCP-C616: …I mean. It kind of was, like for a few minutes? But, yeah, I was eventually like “this is definitely just some dumb prophecy thing” and I just kinda got over it. Like, no point in dwelling on it, you know?

Glass: …Sure. You were saying, Rachel?

SCP-C616: Right, so, my aunts and sisters didn’t want me to go to school and I was like "fuck off I have Model UN today", so I walked and when I got there people thought I was wearing a costume.


SCP-C616: Uh, I was born on Halloween. Important detail. Anyway, people weren’t weird about it or anything, they thought it was cool looking, like, goth or whatever, right? But I felt like kind of a poser. Whatever. Anyway.

Glass: Would you describe the experience as traumatic for you?

SCP-C616: Ehh… nah.

Glass: …Really?

SCP-C616: Nope.


SCP-C616: So, at lunch I was sitting with Ashley and Katie and Sabrina like I do normally, and Ashley had one of her lame "handmade" lunches that her mom made, and normally we just kinda messed with her about it but, like… God, this is dumb. She had this ham sandwich, and it just kind of felt like it was, like… resonating with me? Or something? Like, when you hear the first few lines of a song and you already know you'll love the entire band? That, but, you know, a sandwich. Does that make any sense?

Glass: [Clears throat.] Yeah, makes sense.

SCP-C616: Like hell it does. Anyway, I said "this is weird but can I see your sandwich for a sec" and she went "sure it's gross anyways", and I just held it for a second, and when I concentrated I was able to… lift it? Without touching it? Like, just kind of levitating the bag. Ashley was like "that is so freaking cool" and then Sabrina went "do it with my chips" but that didn't work, so, whatever. And then we finished lunch and I had Model UN and stuff and then went home.


Glass: And…?

SCP-C616: That’s pretty much it.

Glass: Huh.

SCP-C616: Yeah. Like, the next day people were still digging my look, but I got called to the office because it was "distracting" and they wanted me to take it off, and I was like "can’t do that chief", and long story short I ended up getting homeschooled. Which suuuucked. I know way more about which plants to use if you want to curse someone’s bloodline with dysentery or whatever than I’ll ever use, but not, like, how to do taxes or whatever.

Glass: …so, ah, your family took interest in these new abilities, I gather?

SCP-C616: God, yeah. My aunt Ursula spent like six years trying to convince me to puppet the bodies of men that wronged her into lakes, my cousin Malachite wanted me to turn animals inside out for her, my great-aunt Tristitia made me come over every Sunday to roast pigs for her, my sisters Venus and Neptunia kept trying to get me to make them taller, my aunt Juniper always sneak-fed me raw meat because she thought it’d "enhance my abilities" or whatever, it was just this whole fucking production, like, god.

Glass: They forced you to use your powers to hurt others?

SCP-C616: What? Hell no. I was just like "fuck off that's gross I'm not doing that", I’m not a monster.

Glass: Well, that’s… good? Ah… did you experiment with these abilities on your own, then?

SCP-C616: Uh… kinda? Like, for a bit when I was a kid, like I said, I kind of felt all special at first and I wanted to be a superhero or whatever, but, like. I tried, and turns out all you can do with meat powers is gross fucked up shit, so, there went that plan.

Glass: Do you find it easy to control your carnomancy?

SCP-C616: Yeah, it’s like riding a bike. All I really use it for now is making people feel like they stubbed their toe really hard.

Glass: If I may say so, you seem to be taking all of this, ah, remarkably well.

SCP-C616: So I got some weird powers, doesn’t mean I have to go all Carrie on people, you know? [Shrugs exaggeratedly.] You guys have a pretty good deal going for me here. Get on my case a hell of a lot less than my family. Just tell them I’m studying the dark art of reanimation in Transylvania or whatever, they’ll eat that up.

Glass: [Coughs.] Well, that’s good to hear. This has all been very informative, and we appreciate your cooperation. I have one more question for you, alright?

SCP-C616: Shoot.

Glass: Does the term "Sarkicism" mean anything to you, Rachel?

SCP-C616: What?

Glass: [Shuffling papers] "Yaldabaoth", "Nälkä", "Grand Karcist Ion", "Važjuma, The Devourer of Gods"?

SCP-C616: Dude, I'm from Wisconsin.


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