Street view of SCP-C640. The two floors above it consist of residential housing.

Item #: SCP-C640

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The door leading to SCP-C640-A has been fitted with several locks to prevent unauthorized access. The rest of the building has been closed under the pretense of a mold infestation. All equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure functionality.

Description: SCP-C640 is "Donnelli's Pizzeria", a restaurant in downtown Superior, Arizona. In most respects, SCP-C640 is an unremarkable pizzeria with no unusual properties. A small metal placard affixed to SCP-C640's back door reads "SCP Foundation Department of Abnormalities"; this door opens to a small CCTV control room designated SCP-C640-A.

The monitors in SCP-C640-A show 85 distinct live video feeds of SCP-C640's interior, despite no corresponding cameras being installed in the restaurant. Many of the feeds originate from locations that would normally be unusual (i.e. the underside of tables) or impossible (i.e. the interiors of ovens). All equipment in SCP-C640-A runs on the defunct JOSIE operating system;1 however, all standard override protocols have been disabled, preventing researchers from accessing most parts of the system, including the CCTV controls.

Whenever an individual in view of SCP-C640-A's cameras consumes pizza made in SCP-C640, an encrypted file with the '.sub' extension will be created in the system's "0000458b" folder, labeled with the subject's full legal name. While the contents of these files are unknown, they range from 150kB to 531kB in size. Individuals with a criminal history, mental health issues, trade union membership(s), and/or non-standard sexual interests will generate more data, as will ██████████ █████████. If the individual already has a file in the 0000458b folder, it will instead be updated with an additional 10-80kB of data. At time of recovery, the 0000458b folder contained 1,177 files, most corresponding to current or former residents of Superior.

A folder named "0000458a" contains several additional .sub files, all having been created and most recently updated on ████-██-██. These files range from 8.23MB to 9.41MB in size and are simply labeled "1.sub", "2.sub", etc.

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