A letter sent to SCP-C676 by Jackie Gardner prior to its containment.

Item #: SCP-C676

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C676 is contained within a bio-containment chamber in Area-34. The bio-containment chamber has been set to emulate the habitat of Odocoileus virginianus1, with plants common to temperate forests in the Eastern United States included in the bio-containment chamber. SCP-C676 is to be given two to three meals a day, which must consist of flora found in the diet of O. virginianus. In return for cooperation during testing and other procedures, SCP-C676 is allowed one monthly visit from Jackie Gardner, with consent from Dr. Gardner.

Description: SCP-C676 is a Class-I deific entity2 resembling a Native American woman with physical traits similar to those of female Odocoileus virginianus. SCP-C676 possesses cervine ears, nose, and a tail. The ends of its extremities are furred and end in hooves. SCP-C676 has demonstrated a benign and cooperative personality.

SCP-C676 demonstrates a passive effect on its local environment. Flora in its general vicinity showcase an increased rate of growth and injuries have been noted as healing at a slightly, almost negligible, rate. SCP-C676 can use its ontokinetic properties to slightly intensify these effects, on top of being able to create small organic objects (such as small plants or twigs). Instances of Odocoileus virginianus and other ruminant mammals have been spotted Surveillance footage of SCP-C676, but any attempts to locate these animals by containment personnel have failed.

Discovery: SCP-C676 was discovered by Dr. Nicole Gardner, the head of Tactical Theology for Area-34. On 23/11/19, Dr. Gardner reported the entity arriving at her doorstep3. A containment team was sent and successfully brought SCP-C676 into their custody. Dr. Gardner returned to Area-34 with the containment team, where an interview was held:

Interviewed: SCP-C676, Dr. Nicole Gardner

Interviewer: Dr. Akabi Hayk

Date: 23/11/2019


Dr. Akabi Hayk: Alright, so, for the record, can the both of you state your names?

Dr. Nicole Gardner: Doctor Nicole Gardner, Tactical Theology.

SCP-C676: Ahwi.4

Dr. Hayk: Now, Gardner, can you explain the events leading to this?

Dr. Gardner: Yeah, right. I was getting ready for movie night with my daughter, had the popcorn and drinks ready and all that, when I heard a knock at my door followed by a ring. I went to go get it, expecting it to just be the neighbour asking to borrow our pot or something, when I open it to see, to see… [Gestures at SCP-C676] her!

SCP-C676: I was there for your daughter, Jackie!

Dr. Gardner: What.

SCP-C676: Your daughter, Jackie. She asked me for a pony, and I was gonna give her one. Couldn't say no to the first request I've had in ages!

Dr. Gardner: The fuck do you mean she asked for a pony? I don't remember teaching her how to commune with fucking Bambi gods.

Dr. Hayk: Careful with the language, this is an official recording.

SCP-C676: She asked for one in the letters she was sending. She also asked for something called a "Lego Batmobile", but I don't really think that's in my domain. Nor do I really know what is.

Dr. Gardner: What letters are you tal- Wait, oh my god, do you mean the one's she's been writing addressed to-

SCP-C676: Deerest God?

Dr. Gardner: Oh my… You're shitting me, right? Pulling my leg or something?

Dr. Hayk: Can you… explain the letters thing, Gardner? Also, language.

Dr. Gardner: My daughter, Jackie, she hasn't had much of anything to do besides schoolwork for a while now, so I thought I'd give her something to do by telling her to write letters to God. The Christian one, capital G and all. Figured it'd be a cute little thing she could look back on when she was older and I also thought it'd help with, uh, you know… [Whispered] the big project. 'Cept, uh, instead of addressing it to "Dearest God" or whatever, she kept misspelling it and putting it down as "Deerest God." Thought it was a cute thing she could laugh at later, so I didn't bother correcting her. Guess that misspelling was enough to get the attention of fucking, uh, Rudolph over here and bring her to our house.

SCP-C676: The letters were your idea? Oh, I really gotta thank you then. Those letters are the first form of worship I've had in… man, forever! I got abandoned really quick after the people here moved from, erm… Siberia? So it's a real treat to get some prayers my way! I really do owe you, Niccy!

Dr. Gardner: Don't call me that.

SCP-C676: Okay!

Dr. Hayk: So, just to get this straight, you were there to respond to these, uh, ''prayers", right? As in, giving Gardner's daughter, Jackie, what she had asked for?

SCP-C676: Yeah! I love getting prayers, so of course I was gonna answer them. Ponies aren't exactly in my wheelhouse, but they're close enough to deer, right? I could probably Make one if I wanted to… Say, speaking of that, can I meet Jackie? I really have to say thanks to her. You should've seen how much I cried when I got that first letter.

Dr. Gardner: Haha, no.

Dr. Hayk: Well I don't think we should rule that out as a possibility entirely, Gardner. Ahwi, right? Let's leave it at a maybe for now and, in a couple of weeks, depending on your behaviour here with us, we'll give it a thought. How does that sound?

SCP-C676: Good enough!


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