SCP-C698. If you do not think SCP-C698 is cool, please report to your supervisor immediately.

Item #: SCP-C698

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The question "Do you think skeletons are cool?" has been added to the Standard Personnel Intake Survey. Only personnel who answer "yes" to this question are eligible for assignment to SCP-C698's research team or access to this file.

Individuals who experience SCP-C698's anomalous effect must be mentally conditioned to believe that it is "cool", remaining in soft quarantine until SCP-C698 fails to manifest for three months. Due to the resource-intensive nature of this procedure, care should be taken to prevent unnecessary exposure to SCP-C698.

Description: SCP-C698 is a computer-generated illustration of a skeleton floating above a molten landscape. When an individual observes SCP-C698 and believes that it is not "cool",1 copies of SCP-C698 will begin to appear sporadically in their vicinity about once per month. This will consistently occur in a place that is unobserved and at a time when the subject is not already thinking about SCP-C698. Copies of SCP-C698 will continue to manifest as long as the subject does not believe that SCP-C698 is a cool picture.

Copies of SCP-C698 have been known to manifest in the following circumstances, among others:

  • Appearance in the files of electronic devices used by the subject, with the filename "flying skeleton hell.jpg".
  • Insertion into a physical document accessed by the subject.
  • Inclusion in a physical or electronic message sent to the subject.
  • Inclusion in an artistic work created by the subject.
  • Screen printed onto a garment owned by the subject.
  • Appearance as a mural on an interior or exterior wall of the subject's domicile.
  • Appearance in a tissue sample viewed by the subject through a microscope.
  • Appearance in the rings of a tree felled by the subject.
  • Tattooed onto the subject's body.
  • Tattooed onto the body of a person living with the subject.

The most prominent uncontrolled vector for SCP-C698's spread is the "Are We Cool Yet?" Group of Interest, approximately 20% of whom are subject to its effects. Representatives of AWCY? have denied the possibility of a group member creating SCP-C698, surmising that it was deployed against them by a third party. The Foundation has yet to verify this claim.

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