Item #: SCP-C715

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C715 is to be kept in the Site-115 armory. Standard procedures for chemical weapon storage apply. In the event of accidental activation, affected subjects should be restrained until their behavior returns to normal. Care should be taken to undo any damage done by affected subjects.

Description: SCP-C715 is a tear gas canister originally manufactured by Federal Laboratories in 1987. The phrase "PINK SCARE" is scratched into the bottom of the canister. SCP-C715 operates identically to a conventional tear gas canister; however, rather than a lachrymal agent, SCP-C715 contains a pink liquid designated SCP-C715-A. SCP-C715-A is identical to the antacid medication "Pepto-Bismol", except for its tendency to aerosolize when outside of SCP-C715.

Inhaling SCP-C715-A causes a short-term compulsion to insert the phrase "I'm gay" into every available image, document, and text input field. When possible, the subject will replace all existing text with the phrase "I'm gay". This will override the subject's other priorities until the effect wears off, which takes between five and thirty minutes. Subjects will also preface any verbal statement they make with "I'm gay". Thirty minutes after use, SCP-C715 reverts to its unused state and refills with SCP-C715-A.

Note that SCP-C715 has no effect on the subject's actual sexual identification or interests.

Addendum: Recovered chat logs indicate that SCP-C715 was created by a member of the Group of Interest "Gamers Against Weed" operating under the alias "PINK_SCARE". Relevant documentation is included below.

<Begin Log>

PINK_SCARE: hey tiedyeduck do you have a sec?
PINK_SCARE: i just had inspiration strike and i need your input
tiedyeduck: what the fuck
PINK_SCARE: look i'm sorry to bother you but
PINK_SCARE: i'm vibrating in my seat and i need to share
PINK_SCARE: you know how the army tried to make a gay bomb in the 90s
tiedyeduck: it's four in the morning
PINK_SCARE: or was it the air force
PINK_SCARE: doesn't matter
PINK_SCARE: what if there was an "i'm gay" bomb
PINK_SCARE: where it makes you say i'm gay a lot
PINK_SCARE: instead of actually making you gay
PINK_SCARE: idk i just
PINK_SCARE: i've been binging memes all day
PINK_SCARE: and i can't get this out of my head
PINK_SCARE: i think it's really funny but
PINK_SCARE: i don't know if i should bother with it
PINK_SCARE: what do you think?
PINK_SCARE: still there??
tiedyeduck: sure go for it
PINK_SCARE: thank youuu!!! <3
PINK_SCARE: i will let you know when it's finished
PINK_SCARE: you're gonna love it
tiedyeduck left the room.
PINK_SCARE: i know EXACTLY what to do with it too
PINK_SCARE: okay goodnight!

<End Log>

Recovery: SCP-C715 was recovered in the course of a collaboration with the United States Department of Defense, the details of which are classified. On April 1st, 2020, the DoD's Foundation liaison vandalized all documents on a shared server to read "I'm gay". When questioned, the DoD reported that SCP-C715 had spontaneously appeared in an air vent at the Pentagon and immediately activated, exposing over two hundred personnel (including their Foundation liaison) to SCP-C715-A.

The Foundation subsequently requested, and then received, custody of SCP-C715.

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