Item #: SCP-C765

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Calls to law enforcement are to be monitored for events matching SCP-C765. When an SCP-C765 event occurs, all surviving witnesses are to be amnesticized, and any deaths and injuries should be explained using a suitable cover-up story.

Any dentist affected by SCP-C765 should be assigned a new identity with a profession unrelated to dentistry.

Description: SCP-C765 is a phenomenon that causes anomalous mental and physical changes in dentists. 75-100 cases are reported yearly worldwide with no discernible pattern.

Symptoms of SCP-C765 occur immediately upon the dentist in question seeing the underside of a patient's tongue. The dentist will experience an abrupt, irresistible urge to mutilate their patient, which immediately subsides after it is acted upon. This violence is targeted at the patient's face, jaw, and tongue; usually, death from blood loss follows.

Dentists affected by SCP-C765 will exclusively attack their patient by biting. The bite force exerted under the effects of SCP-C765 is sufficient to easily tear flesh and crack bones, suggesting that the dentist's body is anomalously enhanced during the event. When possible, they will consume any tissue that they remove from their patient's body, even after their violent urges subside.

Notably, no dentist has reported experiencing any form of trauma or guilt following an SCP-C765 event. While they recognize SCP-C765 as an undesirable occurrence, they are apparently incapable of developing an emotional reaction to it. Additionally, the subject will lose all interest in practicing dentistry.

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