Item #: SCP-C800

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: 2019-11-03 All personnel are encouraged to become familiar with SCP-C800 and recite it as necessary in the course of their duties.

Description: SCP-C800 is a set of five rhyming couplets written in English. SCP-C800 has been known to members of the Foundation since at least 19██, traditionally having been passed between personnel orally.

SCP-C800 has two anomalous effects: firstly, it cannot be forgotten naturally, and can only be erased with appropriate amnestic treatment. Secondly, upon verbal recitation, the speaker will experience a noticeable reduction in anxiety and empathy, as well as a strengthened concern with the "greater good". This effect lasts for about thirty-five minutes; if it is repeated on a regular basis, it can result in permanent improvement of the subject's mood and outlook.

Testing has shown that regular usage of SCP-C800 results in heightened job satisfaction and better overall health outcomes.12 These results are more pronounced among personnel whose duties are particularly difficult, either practically or morally. Under these circumstances, SCP-C800 can extend a subject's career by an average of three years when used in conjunction with standard mindfulness techniques.

SCP-C800's effects are only anomalous in Foundation personnel — unaffiliated parties report that SCP-C800 is memorable and calming, but not unusually so. While this suggests that SCP-C800 was created by or for the Foundation, no references to its development have been found.

Appendix C800-A: Text of SCP-C800.

Departed subjects, sacrificed
Abnormal feelings, felt not twice

And though they suffered yesterday
Today, I see the shades of gray

When humankind is on the brink
The strange and singular must shrink

And if the world says we've no right
They'll say so, living in the light

I hold this maxim, no regret
I must secure, contain, protect

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