Partial render of SCP-C854-INS produced by Foundation paracomputer "SWEET VICTORY", 854RI = 0.051.

Item #: SCP-C854

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All necessary measures are authorized to prevent the existence of SCP-C854. It currently ranks #41 on the Alphascale Threat Registry.

Any abrupt global decline in Akiva-like radiation constitutes evidence of a breakthrough in SCP-C854's development and must be investigated as such. Under these circumstances, any party that shows undue interest in SCP-C854-related topics should be slated for immediate destruction, regardless of other threat level assessments.

Items or ideas with an SCP-C854 Resemblance Index of 0.06 or higher should be destroyed. If this is not possible, or if they are deemed essential for study of SCP-C854, they must be sealed in separate Atlas-class noetic isolation chambers.

As a last resort, specialized amnestics may be distributed worldwide to permanently eliminate humanity's capacity to understand concepts that are integral to SCP-C854, such as woodwind instruments and cephalopods. This would result in the death of 0.1-0.3% of the world's population and render many cultural objects incomprehensible, requiring a massive cover-up operation.

All content pertaining to the Spongebob Squarepants franchise must be monitored for further convergence towards SCP-C854.

Description: SCP-C854 is a hypothetical weapon that, if assembled, would be capable of destroying any high-order informational entity. By aligning 736 naturally-occurring asymptotes in ideatic space, SCP-C854 could create a quasi-object similar to a black hole, which would trap and obliterate anything it approaches. As there is no upper limit to SCP-C854's potency, this would include entities that are necessary for the continued existence of the universe.

SCP-C854 consists of SCP-C854-MUS, SCP-C854-INS, and SCP-C854-SON. Each is a complex informational construct; respectively, they represent a sapient organism, a mechanical device, and an energetic emission of the latter. SCP-C854 can be said to exist when an accurate description of each is formed in any medium and all three are permitted to interact. Note that their physical existence is unnecessary and largely irrelevant to SCP-C854's containment.

As SCP-C854's components are potentially dangerous infohazards, they may only be described in very general terms. For ease of reading, particularly nuanced ideas may be replaced with the nearest human-comprehensible analogue, represented with italics.

SCP-C854-MUS serves as SCP-C854's input mechanism, receiving linguistic instructions from the wielder and acting upon SCP-C854-INS to execute them. It is a cephalopod — most closely related to octopuses — with several anthropomorphic properties, including a humanoid body plan and psychology. SCP-C854-MUS is male, ill-tempered, vain, and artistic, with a particular fondness for SCP-C854-INS. It is not yet known why SCP-C854-MUS would willingly kill intelligent beings, though it is suspected to stem from self-loathing.

SCP-C854-INS is used by SCP-C854-MUS to generate SCP-C854-SON. It is an extremely complicated musical instrument, resembling a clarinet with a delicate array of self-similar mechanisms that allow it to produce dozens of notes at once. Its layout differs from standard musical instruments in many respects, notably in adjustments that allow it to function underwater and be operated by tentacles. It is made of wood and metal treated with a waterproof varnish.

SCP-C854-SON is SCP-C854's targeting mechanism. It is a family of wave sequences in ideatic space; different variations will adjust the size and location of SCP-C854's lethal radius. SCP-C854 can be made stronger or weaker by adjusting SCP-C854-SON's amplitude. If rendered as vibrations a physical medium, SCP-C854-SON would constitute music. SCP-C854-SON does not adhere to any established musical tradition.

The following audio files are low-fidelity representations of generic SCP-C854-SON sequences. They are safe for human listening.

While SCP-C854 can only exert overwhelmingly lethal force when fully assembled, any concept that bears resemblance to it is harmful to high-order informational entities. As such, these entities are unable to intervene in any well-informed attempt to create or research SCP-C854, requiring the Foundation and other parties composed of matter or energy to safeguard against its creation.

A concept's similarity to SCP-C854 has a well-defined mathematical relation to its capacity to induce disarray in information entities; this is represented by the 854 Resemblance Index, or 854RI. By definition, SCP-C854 itself has 854RI=1, while most concepts have a 854RI very close to zero.

The 854RI values of several common concepts are provided below:

Concept 854RI Value
Biological life 0.0006
Vertebrates 0.0013
Sea creatures 0.0051
Octopuses 0.012
Anthropomorphic animals 0.016
Art 0.0032
Music 0.013
Woodwind instruments 0.029
Clarinets 0.040
Fear 0.0011
Hatred 0.0046
Arrogance 0.023

854RI values higher than 0.006 have not been observed anywhere else in the universe; it is assumed that SCP-C854 would not be possible to create anywhere but Earth. The historical and geological records both show abrupt declines in Akiva-like radiation corresponding to the creation of concepts with high 854RI values, indicating that a number of high-order informational entities were driven away by these ideas. This has destabilized the laws of nature to the point that anomalous objects and phenomena are capable of existing.

If a 854RI of 0.14 or higher is ever attained for an extended period of time (>32.5s), Earth will become uninhabitable for the vast majority of high-order informational entities, resulting in the irreversible weakening of physical laws and the eventual non-viability of local reality. While this is undesirable, it would have the fortunate side effect of preventing SCP-C854's future existence by killing anyone capable of producing it.

Of note is that many high-C854RI ideas converge in "Squidward Tentacles", a major character in the Spongebob Squarepants animated cartoon. Squidward is portrayed as a pretentious, irritable anthropomorphic octopus who plays the clarinet; his baseline 854RI is 0.043.

Squidward's creator, Stephen Hillenburg, was interrogated and found to have no awareness of SCP-C854. While containment personnel attempted to adjust certain aspects of Squidward's character (such as changing his clarinet to a saxophone), these changes would routinely be reverted by an unidentified third party.

An unaired episode of Spongebob Squarepants produced in 2005, titled "Squidward's Deicide", is responsible for the highest 854RI achieved in "nature": 0.087. Its plot focused on Squidward composing and performing "[the] song that will kill God." The episode's exact origin is unknown, as all staff working on the show denied contributing to its existence. It diverges significantly in terms of style, tone, and sound design from the rest of the series. Further details are classified.

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