SCP-C902 at time and location of recovery.

Item #: SCP-C902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C902 is kept in a domestic feline containment chamber with standard amenities (toys, a cat tower, a cat bed, etc.) and automated feeding, watering, and waste disposal. The door to this containment chamber must be kept open at all times; signage around the cell will indicate that doing so is necessary to containment and does not imply permission to enter.

Once per day week month, veterinary personnel are to enter SCP-C902's containment chamber to engage in play and evaluate its behavior. Additionally, medical checkups are performed annually, or whenever SCP-C902 appears to develop a health problem. SCP-C902 should not be removed from its cell unless absolutely necessary.

Individuals who are host to an instance of SCP-C902-A may be housed at Site-44.

Description: SCP-C902 is a male domestic cat; it weighs 4.9kg, has black fur, and is neutered. While SCP-C902 is genetically and physically normal, it has not been observed to vocalize at all.

SCP-C902 is capable of walking directly through any closed door; if the door is open, SCP-C902 will be unable to pass through the doorway. Removing the door entirely also allows SCP-C902 to enter.

Under normal circumstances, SCP-C902 will enter a residential building and ingratiate itself with the occupant(s) through displays of affection and playfulness. If this is unsuccessful, SCP-C902 will leave and attempt again at a different building. If SCP-C902 is successful in being 'adopted' by the occupant(s), it will engage in activities typical of a cat introduced to a new environment.

Within several days of its arrival in a new home, SCP-C902 will attack one of the human residents in their sleep. To do so, SCP-C902 will approach a sleeping human and insert one of its front paws into their mouth. When this is achieved, the paw's toes will rapidly extend into the target, developing new joints as necessary to navigate their target's interior. One toe will expand to fill the target's nasal cavity, another will extend into the subject's lungs, a third will enter the digestive system through the throat, and a fourth will sever the target's tongue and curl up into its approximate shape and position. This process takes 40-50 seconds from start to finish.

Once SCP-C902 has completed its attack, it will shed its deformed toes and leave to find a new household; it regrows these toes over the next two days. While the target is likely to awaken at some point during the procedure, they are only rarely able to seriously disrupt SCP-C902's attack.

The toes that remain in the target, now collectively SCP-C902-A, will fuse to the flesh surrounding them, receiving nutrients from the host's bloodstream. SCP-C902-A interferes with the host's breathing, speaking, and eating, while serving no obvious function. It will, occasionally, twitch, causing moderate discomfort. Currently, SCP-C902-A cannot be surgically removed without causing major damage to the host.

SCP-C902 was discovered in suburban Minnesota following a string of unusual emergency room visits. It was then captured and transferred to a nearby site without difficulty.

Addendum: Containment history

When SCP-C902 was first brought to its containment cell after baseline testing, it responded affectionately to attending personnel and engaged in play and exploration that are normal for a healthy cat. On a few occasions, SCP-C902 sat in front of the doorway to its cell and watched passers-by for 15-30 minutes, but no other unusual behavior was noted.

Three days after transfer to its containment cell, SCP-C902's mood abruptly changed. It showed little interest in play, and rarely returned displays of affection from personnel. When it was not performing upkeep tasks (sleeping, eating, etc.), SCP-C902 would typically return to sit in front of the doorway to its cell and look at the hall outside. On this same day, several SCP-C902-A hosts at Site-44 noted an increase in SCP-C902-A's activity and were observed to involuntarily chirp and meow multiple times.

SCP-C902's activity has steadily decreased since then; it has totally foregone sleep and grooming, and has significantly reduced its food intake. It currently spends upwards of 23 hours per day sitting in front of the doorway, almost motionless. When personnel enter its cell, SCP-C902 will turn to watch them, but will not move from its spot or otherwise interact with them.

Meanwhile, SCP-C902-A activity has become near-constant, to the point of bruising the hosts' surrounding tissue. The hosts involuntarily produce growling, wailing, and hissing sounds at all times, causing distress to themselves and others.

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