Illustration of SCP-C935 made in 1855.

Item #: SCP-C935

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Maritime law enforcement agencies should be contracted to ensure that a 15km exclusion zone is maintained around SCP-C935 to prevent inadvertent observation. Two patrol vessels are stationed near SCP-C935 to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-C935 is an iceberg 225m in height and 376m in width, located in the Antarctic ocean. Unlike normal icebergs, SCP-C935's entire mass floats on the surface of the water, rather than being mostly submerged.

SCP-C935 is only tangible to the human body and the ocean; any other object or material will pass through SCP-C935 as though the space in question was occupied by air. Likewise, SCP-C935 can only be detected by unaided human senses — it does not appear on camera or in audio recordings and is imperceptible to other animals. Sunlight is the only source of illumination that has an effect on SCP-C935's appearance.

SCP-C935 has proven impossible to break, melt, or otherwise alter. Since its discovery in 1832, it has not changed in size, shape, or appearance.

An English message is carved into the ice on SCP-C935's north face, which is transcribed below:


Exploration of SCP-C935 has not identified any other noteworthy objects or features.

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