Item #: SCP-C993

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C993 is kept in a Non-Anomalous Humanoid Chamber within Site-551. SCP-C993 is to be provided with the accommodations of a non-anomalous human. Due to its anomaly, extensive protection of SCP-C993 is unnecessary.

Update: The previous procedures are considered obsolete due to the object's neutralization.

Description: SCP-C993 is a white human male of unknown descent, aged 35, weighing 93kg, measuring 1.9 meters tall. SCP-C993 possesses two anomalous properties:

  • All temporal phenomena capable of accurately predicting future events state SCP-C993 will die at the age of 79. The cause of death is unknown as these phenomena will each state different causes for SCP-C993's death. Normally, this would not be cause for SCP Classification if not for the added inability to manipulate SCP-C993's date of death using temporal anomalies. Additionally, all alternate timelines/dimensions contain an SCP-C993 that will die at age 79.
  • SCP-C993 is also a sense-based cognitohazard. All human subjects that perceive SCP-C993 will be convinced that it will die at age 79. This will override claims made by individuals the subject would consider credible, such as medical professionals, that SCP-C993 will die at a sooner or later date. Additionally, even if SCP-C993 is perceived to be in a life-threatening situation, human subjects will still believe SCP-C993 will survive the encounter and live to age 79.

SCP-C993 was discovered outside of a gas station in Glasgow, Scotland, smoking a cigarette. Undercover agent Jason Vonrick, who had cognitohazard protection training before this point, discovered SCP-C993's anomalous properties when nearby bystanders incessantly mentioned SCP-C993's time of death when speaking about it. Vonrick contacted nearby Site-551, and current containment procedures were enacted.

Addendum: On 12/12/2005, SCP-C993 was found dead in its containment chamber at age 47. Security camera footage shows that SCP-C993 was murdered by D-5371, who managed to escape their holding cell at 3:51 AM and bypass every motion sensor on their way to SCP-C993. When D-5371 reached SCP-C993, who was sleeping at the time, they took the entity's toothbrush and proceeded to stab at SCP-C993's jugular multiple times before it lost consciousnesses and subsequently died.

When interrogated on the purpose of this murder, D-5371 stated that they "thought it would've been funny."

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