Page Tags

List of pages tagged with floorboards:

How to use tags:

Every page that is a fictional work should have at least one of the following tags:

The following tags are also valid for fictional works, and should be added if they apply:

Every other page should be tagged with at least one of the following:

  • supplement (for pages that are strictly a subsidiary of a primary page)
  • system (for pages that allow the site to function)
  • resource (for pages that contain helpful information)
  • nonfiction (for nonfictional creative works, such as essays)
  • personal (for pages that aren't intended for a broader audience, such as sandboxes)
  • art (for non-writing creative works, such as art and music)

An exception is that pages in the "deleted" category should only be tagged with "personal".

For any creative work, the author should add an author tag identifying them as such. Specifically, anything that is an scp, tale, goi-format, original, art, or nonfiction page should have an author tag. It can either be their username or a derivative thereof. If an article is co-authored, each author should add their own tag.

Once you have an author tag, add it to the list below:

Other tags may be added with the assent of site members.

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