Westrin's Proposal


Due to the utmost importance of SCP-C001-Y, and all phenomena, projects, and anomalies related to it, this file has been designated Top Secret. All personnel currently working with Project AETHER-DRAIN have full access to this file, as well as Document DANGEROUS-WATERS.

This file has been laced with multiple memetic kill agents embedded within its text. Unauthorized access will result in instantaneous termination.

You have been warned, and this will be your final warning.

Survey. Corrupt. Plunder.

Item #: SCP-C001 Oh, we'd be alright if the wind was in our sails

Object Class: YggdrasilWe'd be alright if the wind was in our sails

Special Containment Procedures: Operation BLUE-MOON is to be enacted in the event significant advancements pertaining to multi-universal travel are made in the public sector. Operation BLUE-MOON consists of the following procedures: We'd be alright if the wind was in our sails

  • The use of Scranton/Messer Dimension Access Supports (SMDAS) to close all entrances to the nearest 200 universes. Information regarding SMDASs can be found within Document SMDAS-QNTMDIMNSL, rev 2.1.9. And we'll all hang on behind…
  • The use of 4 Dimensional Hop-Scotch Travel Apparatuses, which have been created for the use of traveling between universes when SMDASs have been constructed and fully operational.1 And we'll ro-o-oll the old chariot along!
  • All Kappa-Class SCP-C001-Φ instances are to be given notice that citizens from Universe-Alpha-Ask have discovered how to travel in between universes. Contact is to be severed from all but two Kappa-Class SCP-C001-Φ instances. We'll ro-o-oll the golden chariot along!
  • Project AETHER-DRAIN is to be discontinued immediately, and SCP-C001-Y is to be transported to a universe with an SCP Foundation that has been disbanded. Emergency Project BLAZING-SUN is to be enacted immediately after the entirety of O5 Command have left Universe-Alpha-Ask. We'll ro-o-oll the old chariot along!

In the event that a member from an Alpha-Class SCP-C001-Φ instance ever discovers/tries to interact with Universe-Alpha-Ask, they are to be detained and sent to Metaphysical Site-η, located within sub-universal pocket dimension ∅-6, colloquially coined "The Mesh". And we'll all hang on behind!

Instead of a nuclear warhead, the Site has been rigged with a "Retro-Causal Metaphysical Eradication Device", which, in the event of a containment breach, will retroactively remove all matter from the nearby vicinity, along with the Site and two kilometers of the surrounding Mesh. Oh, we'd be alright if we make it round The Horn!

Appendix 271-AAY: Project AETHER-DRAIN is currently at full effect, and all Foundation personnel with level 1 clearance or higher have been advised that interacting with multi-universal anomalies outside of their clearance is punishable by retro-termination via Standard Foundation Grandfather Guillotine. More information regarding Project AETHER-DRAIN can be found within Document DANGEROUS-WATERS. We'd be alright if we make it round The Horn!

Additionally, personnel traveling to other Kappa-Class SCP-C001-Φ instances are to greet personnel from other Foundations with the following phrase, which is prevalent and has been recognized between all Kappa-Class instances: We'd be alright if we make it round The Horn!

Mundos collidi faceret. Nos operari simul ad metam. Non deesset nobis signum.2 And we'll all hang on behind…

Description: SCP-C001 is a multi-universal and dimensional constant. SCP-C001 dictates that every reality and dimension has/had an SCP Foundation, hereafter referred to as an SCP-C001-Φ instance. While the appearance and function of SCP-C001-Φ instances may be drastically different, each Foundation has the following constants: And we'll ro-o-oll the old chariot along!

  • Each SCP-C001-Φ instance shares the goal of containing phenomena and items that they see as anomalous and preventing them from reaching the public. We'll ro-o-oll the golden chariot along!
  • Each SCP-C001-Φ instance has O5 council members, doctors, researchers, SCP objects, and an Administrator (see Document DANGEROUS-WATERS). We'll ro-o-oll the old chariot along!
  • Each SCP-C001-Φ instance has either documented/acknowledged the existence of SCP-C001. And we'll all hang on behind!

Because of this, most SCP-C001-Φ instances are not hostile towards Foundation personnel. However, some instances have been known to attack upon visual contact (see Document DANGEROUS-WATERS). SCP-C001-Φ instances have been categorized into two groups: Alpha-Class and Kappa-Class instances.Well a night on the town wouldn't do us any harm!

Class Alpha: Class Alpha are SCP-C001-Φ instances that have either not encountered the Foundation from Universe-Alpha-Ask3, or have decided not to aid the Prime Foundation. Class Alpha instances make up approximately 80% of all the instances discovered by the Prime Foundation. However, these instances are still capable of aiding the Prime Foundation if the situation is of extreme importance on a multi-universal scale. This has occurred 7 times since SCP-C001 was discovered by the Prime Foundation. A night on the town wouldn't do us any harm!

Class Kappa: Class Kappa are SCP-C001-Φ instances that have decided to aid the Prime Foundation for the purposes of Project AETHER-DRAIN. Approximately 97% of all Class Kappa instances have aided in the construction of SCP-C001-Y (See Document DANGEROUS-WATERS), including the implementation of anomalous weaponry, and more ways to easily travel between dimensions. Approximately 20% of all discovered SCP-C001-Φ instances are Class Kappa. Oh, a night on the town wouldn't do us any harm!

Appendix 951-LMA: List of notable variances of SCP-C001-Φ instances: And we'll all hang on behind…

Codename Classification Description
"The Foundation for the Special Containment of People-like Anomalies" SCP-C001-Φ-4 (Alpha) SCP-C001-Φ-4 is entirely focused on the containment for anomalies related to primates. Contained anomalies include SCP-2984, SCP-397, SCP-1000, SCP-C001, and an unidentified species of Macaca Sinica that are capable of sub-dimensional travel.
"Galactic Anomalous Containment Procedures Foundation" SCP-C001-Φ-9 (Kappa) SCP-C001-Φ-9 has gained influence over the entire Milky Way galaxy through special use of SCP-2063 and [DATA EXPUNGED], and has established at least a single Site on approximately ███████ planets. The current population of this Foundation is ████████, and the total population count is ██████████████.
"基金会"4 SCP-C001-Φ-17 (Alpha) SCP-C001-Φ-17 is currently theorized to be an SCP Foundation that was established and abandoned an unknown amount of time ago in ancient China. Several containment procedures for a large number of unknown anomalies were recovered, character files describing personnel, as well as the documentation for an anomaly extremely similar to SCP-C001, which describes "traveling up a giant tree, meeting clones of The Foundation on each branch they climbed."
"Seafloor Colonization Planning" SCP-C001-Φ-25 (Alpha) SCP-C001-Φ-25 is an organization dedicated to keeping knowledge regarding the seafloor and all of its numerous anomalies away from the public. Approximately 500 sites have been established in all of the Earth's oceans. Recently, they have identified an anomaly within [REDACTED] which is capable of transporting mammals to another random universal plane.
"Skeptics Congregation Place" SCP-C001-Φ-26 (Alpha) SCP-C001-Φ-26 is currently a group composed of 30 individuals that was located within a garage in ███, Washington. They were mostly known as a conspiracy theorists group, before discovering SCP-689. After SCP-689 killed 4 of their members, they successfully trapped it in a safe and stored it in the leader's closet. They then dedicated their group to the findings and containment of similar anomalous phenomena in order to ensure the safety of humanity.
"Info-Cognetic Foundation of Memetics Containment" SCP-C001-Φ-33 (Alpha) SCP-C001-Φ-33 is an organization dedicated to the documentation and containment of cognitohazardous, infohazardous, or anti-memetic anomalies. While highly secretive, it is known that SCP-C001-Φ-33 is much more effective at containing these than the Prime Foundation, and have developed stronger and more efficient mnestics. It is hypothesized that their current goal is the neutralization of [DATA LOST].
"ארגונו של אלוהים"5 SCP-C001-Φ-43 (Kappa) SCP-C001-Φ-43 is a group dedicated to the study of the Abrahamic God via analysis of anomalies. It is theorized that the group evolved as a splinter of The Horizon Initiative, which formed in 1855 instead of 1960. It is predicted SCP-C001-Φ-43 has control of roughly 7000 Abrahamic anomalies.

And we'll all hang on behiiiiiiind…

If you can read this, you have the clearance to view Document DANGEROUS-WATERS. You are probably wondering why the article is named as such. There is a reason. There is a reason why the Prime Foundation is growing exponentially, despite resources seemingly coming from nowhere: we are sinking other people's ships.

It'll make sense in time. However, most of the stuff that we have that isn't anomalous, whether it be containment procedures, containment cells, or even entire sites, were looted. Stolen. Captured. Pirated.

We need all hands on deck. All aboard.


A dead man speaks once more.

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